Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Pigment Play

Hey everyone! Sorry it's been quiet on the posting front here again, I've been super sick this past while. On the mend now, I was itching to beat this face after going over a week sans make-up. I wanted to play around with some loose pigments and do a dramatic colourful look, and this is the result! 


-Mac Blanc Type
-Mac Malt
-Mac Grape Pigment
-Mac Neo-Orange Pigment
-Mac Rose Pigment 
-Grimas Polyglitter 06
-Loreal Gel Liner
-Mac Mineralize Multi Effect Lash Mascara
-Mac 48 lashes
-Mac Phone Number Eye Pencil
-Mac Heroine Lip Pencil
-Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade
-Anastasia Clear Brow Gel


-Nars Sheerglow Foundation
-Mac Pro Longwear Concealer
-Mac Studio Fix Powder
-Anastasia Countour Kit
-Mac MSF Give Me Sun
-Mac Fleur Power Blush
-theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer


-Mac Edge To Edge Lip Pencil
-Mac Japenese Maple Lipstick
-Mac Ready Or Not Prolongwear Lipglass

I curled my hair a different way to usual, I really love the way it turned out all fluffy. I basically followed Desi Perkins' tutorial but left out all the backcombing. 

Much Love xxx

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Copper & Plum Dramatic Eye Make-Up Pictorial

Hey everyone! I had a few of you requesting more full on step-by-step pictorials, so this ones for you. There's a number of reasons I stopped doing these, the main ones being the amount of time and effort it takes to make them and also I felt that they made the layout of the blog a little messy. I also tend to be happier with my makeup looks when they're not pre-planned, but for this, I tried to take the approach of not knowing where the look was going but making it seem structured at the same time, and I'm quite happy with how it turned out. Since you guys seem to enjoy them, I definitely will include more of this type of post on this blog, but I can't promise pictorials for every look. 

Also apologies for the bad quality in the first few shots, it's been a while ;)

I applied Urban Decay Primer Potion (so disappointed they're bringing the wand applicator back) in the shade Eden with my ring finger, all the way from lashline to browbone. 

Taking a nude matte shade (this is Brule and Blanc Type from Mac pressed together) on a Mac 275 brush, I patted this all over above the crease. This will take away the tackiness of the primer, making it easier to blend out our crease later on. I leave the moving lid tacky because I want the colour that will be going there to be super intense.

To give the eye some dimension and to act as our first transition shade, I swept Malt into the upper crease using a Mac 224.

To further define the crease, I started building up Haux on a 217 brush, going back and blending with the 224, and building the colour little by little until I was happy with it. I stabbed it with my nail when I was depotting it :(

To deepen up the crease again, I took Sketch on a clean 217 and repeated the process.

The star of the show, Coppering, was packed all over the moving lid with a Mac 239. I love the combination of the muted matte plums with this bright metallic copper. Swoon.

I wanted a super shimmery inner corner, and to achieve that, I used the Natural Vigor Mineralize Eyeshadow from the Lightness of Being Collection by Mac wet with Fix+ on a 228 brush. The picture below doesn't do justice to how pretty it was. 

Basic winged liner using Loreal Gel Liner and Mac 210 brush.

Mac In Extra Dimension Lash Mascara.

I did deepen up the crease further once I had liner and mascara on, but the pictures for that turned out atrocious, so sorry about that. I used a tiny bit of Blackberry on a 219 pencil brush and also took the crease colours below the lower lash line. I also popped Chromagraphic Eye Pencil NC15/NW20 on the waterline to make it nice and bright.

#36 lashes, et voila!

Hope you enjoyed! 

Much Love xxx