Monday, 9 March 2015

It Was All Yellow

Hi Everyone! Hope your week is off to a good start. I'm obsessing over unusual and/or bright colours in the inner corner at the moment, so I decided to spruce up my Monday morning make-up with a pop of bright yellow. I paired it with a muted plummy smokey eye and some ridiculously big lashes as you do. I kept the brows, skin and lips very simple and natural. Really love how this turned out, though I'll admit, I was heavily influenced by a fab tutorial Karima did a few weeks ago, have a look yourself here


- Mac Brule 
- Mac Blanc Type 
- Mac Cozy Grey
- Mac Quarry
- Mac French Clay
- Sleek i-Divine Ultra Mattes V1 Palette (yellow shade, no idea what name it's got)
- Mac Black Tied
- Gosh White Eye Kohl
- Mac Extended Play Gigablack Lash
- Mac 48 Lash 
- Anastasia Powder Duo Medium Brown
- Anastasia Clear Brow Gel

Skin & Lips

- Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation 52
- Mac Pro Longwear Concealer NW20
- Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Medium

- Mac Plushglass Ample Pink

Guys, I'm having some serious dry skin issues at the moment, so any tips and/or product recommendations are welcome. I have these big dry areas where it feels like there's a build up of dead skin, but it's also very irritated whereby when I put anything on it, it stings. Pretty gross. Any peels I've tried don't seem to help much and my skin just sucks up any cream and seems to be left even drier than before. So if this sounds familiar to anyone please let me know! 

Much Love xxx


  1. Niiin nätti ja ihana! <3 Pitäisköhän sun käydä näyttämässä tuota ihoa ihan ihotautilääkärille? Jos ne tietäis yhtään paremmin? Toki talvikin pian loppuu, ja sit alkaa kevätauringot paistaa ja ihokin voi paremmin... Ja muista ne ravintolisät! Bae <3

    1. Pitäis varmaan, tää vaan pahenee 😭 mietin myös tota solkussa käymistä. Woe is me x

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I appreciate all your feedback, let me know what you think, make suggestions, ask questions, I'll try to reply to any queries :) Much Love xx