Sunday, 21 September 2014


Hi Everyone! Seeing as everybody's whipping out their rich autumn lippies, I thought I'd join the party until I realised I own virtually no dark lip colours! I'm not a lips kinda girl anyway, I hate the feel of pretty much anything except balm on my lips. I play it very safe with my lip shades, always going for the same peachy/pinky/nude that goes with everything. So if you have any suggestions for nice wintery shades to help me get out of this lip rut I'm finding myself in, please let me know! 

So as I was rummaging through my makeup bag for ideas of what kind of look to do today, I stumbled upon my old friend, Nars Mascate. The perfect matte, vampy red. It's been so long since I did a full on pin-up look, and I'm quite pleased with how this came out.

I probably should've scrubbed my lips a bit more before applying this, here you can see all my dryness in all it's glory, sorry about that. This picture was taken outside in natural light, and the colour is turning out way brighter and lighter than how it looks in real life. 

I paired it with a super simple eye look, a thick-ish winged liner and lashes. 

I used the shade Nude from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Maya Mia Palette all over the lid as a base and Warm Taupe to define the crease and the lower lashline too. I'm obsessed with Warm Taupe, it's literally become my favourite eyeshadow, I can't think of a look I won't be using it in to be honest. And it's a good job because apparently Mac are discontinuing my beloved Kid eyeshadow, if I didn't have Warm Taupe, I'd be crying myself to sleep at night. 

Okay, back to this look, I popped Vanilla from the same palette into the tearduct for a pop. I highlighted my browbone with Pick Me Up from the Mac Cool Neutrals Palette and also popped a bit of Sweet Allure from the same palette, just in the middle of the moving lid with my finger.

The liner is Jet by ABH, which I'm still experimenting with. I find the formula a tad on the dry side, which can make it hard to get an even line with as it drags the skin a bit, but maybe I should just try a different brush with it. The staying power and pigmentation of that is amazing though. The lashes are by Kiss, I can't mind the name.

Brows are ABH Brow Wiz in Soft Brown, Brow Powder Duo in Medium Brown (lighter side) and their Clear Brow Gel.

Here's me trying to pose all seductively and what not. 

Just gonna sit around the house now for the rest of this cloudy Sunday, watch some Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and chill the beans looking very fancy. 

Hope you all had a lovely weekend 

Much Love xxx


  1. Beautiful as always! Love the way that lipstick looks on you. So classy

  2. Beautiful! The hair is amazing, suits you so much. I'm tempted myself, bleaching takes a lot of maintenance! What colour did you ask for? Also you must do a hair tutorial, those classic waves are fab :)

    1. It really does, doesn't it? This is growing on me every time I wash it, it gets a bit lighter. I basically asked for my natural hair colour, like a dark ashy blonde and showed him a few pictures from Pinterest! Thank you so much, I definitely will ;) xx


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