Monday, 21 July 2014

Haircare Rountine

Hi Everyone! A non-makeup related post today, I've been working like a mad man and haven't had time to do a tutorial, but there should be one at the weekend. I got loads of compliments (thank you!) and questions about my hair since my last post, and as one reader pointed out, I haven't done a haircare routine post yet! Be warned, I love talking about my hair, so this will probably be quite a lengthy post haha. I don't have a set routine I stick to, but definitely some tips and products I want to share with you, so if you enjoy this post, let me know! 

I figured it would make sense to tell you a bit about what I've put my hair through in the past before I go into what I'm doing now. As you can see from the pictures below, I've tried every colour under the sun, different cuts, extensions, you name it. I'm wearing clip-in extensions in every picture apart from the one on the bottom left. My hair was somewhere between jaw and shoulder length in the other 3 and in pretty horrendous condition from all the bleaching, colouring, back combing, straightening and curling. The first step I took in growing out my hair to the point where I didn't need extensions anymore, was to stop wearing them and stop constantly styling my hair. Also just as a disclaimer, the tips I'll be suggesting in this post may not work for you if your hair isn't similar to mine, it's fine to medium in thickness but very dense and quite smooth in texture.
It took me about 4 years altogether to grow my hair from that length to where it is now, not sure exactly how long it is, but well below "nipple length" which is where I like it haha. I began bleaching it blonde again shortly after the above bottom left picture was taken, which was almost 2 years ago. I still managed to grow it more and keep it relatively healthy and manageable despite scalp bleaching every 8 weeks or so, which is notorious for causing hair breakage. 

If you do want blonde hair that's not excessively damaged, make sure you go to a hairdresser for any lightening procedure. I've never messed around with bleaches and things in my own hair, it's asking for trouble. Also, once you find a hairdresser you like and who "gets" what you want, stick with them. The greyish lilac tone I have in the below right-hand picture is what I've wanted since I started going blonde almost 2 years ago, and it's taken this long to achieve it. So have patience. That lilac tone only stays in my hair for a couple of washes though, I'm left afterwards with a nice clean platinum blonde. Just as a side note, I believe the fact that I get scalp bleaches saves my hair a bit in that no strand of hair gets bleached over and over again, like what happens with highlights. Not sure if there's any truth to that, but I have a hunch. :) I don't know the exact shade my hair was toned with, but it would have been a very light violet-ash.
Below is the colour my hair is left after the violet washes out, this is around 5 weeks after I got it done last. When it comes to things I do to try keep it as healthy as I can, there are just a few simple rules I go by. Firstly, I don't wash it too much. I try to go as many days as I can without washing my hair, sometimes up to 5 days. When my roots get oily, I actually try and distribute it through my lengths to get some of that natural moisture spread out. I just wear a high bun for the last few days before I wash it. Might sound gross, but it doesn't bother me. Another important thing is to use heat styling as little as possible. I really only ever heat style my hair when I'm taking photos for the blog! Always use a heat protectant too. I let it dry naturally and plait a loose braid in it at night to keep it from getting too knotty. 

Of course I have a few holy grail products to thank for helping my hair not disintegrate in front of my eyes, these are clockwise from left to right;

Argan Secret Miracle 10 is a leave-in treatment product I was introduced to by my friend Stephanie. I have mentioned it on this blog before, but briefly put, it's a little miracle worker. It offers heat protection, repairs damage, protects from the elements, untangles hair like no other, adds shine, shortens drying time and smells amazing. Once the hair is dry it's completely undetectable in the hair, no stickiness or heaviness, I cannot recommend this enough. I don't need any other products in my hair when I use this, it's a one-stop shop kinda thang. The downside? It's very hard to find. I've only found this in Sally's Salon Services, but I believe you can order it on Amazon too. 

Palmers Coconut Oil Formula Deep Conditioning Protein Pack is another product I've only ever found in Sally's but I'm sure it can be found online somewhere too. This is my go-to deep conditioner, which is an essential step in maintaining healthy hair. I don't just leave it in for the recommended 15 minutes or whatever, I apply this to towel dry clean hair, and I mean I slap the entire packet on from roots to ends, throw on a shower cap and sleep through the night in it. My hair feels so amazingly soft in the morning when I rinse it out and smells like coconuts until I wash it next. A lot of deep conditioners I've tried this method with leave a weird residue in my hair, but this one rinses out really easily and just makes it look and feel full of life. 

Lakme Teknia Ultra Clair Shampoo is my silver shampoo of choice. I haven't tried too many other ones though, maybe 3 or 4, but this beats all of those hands down. I just find that this one is really pigmented, and it really does banish any yellow tones from showing up as well as not leaving my hair feeling completely stripped. I change my regular shampoo quite a bit, but try to always go for sulphate free ones. 

Tangle Teezer Elite. Probably my hair's best friend. I'm sure a lot of you already use/have heard of this, so not gonna go into too much detail about it, but I couldn't live without this fella. I had the Original one for years and I don't find that this one is particularly better, but I had literally used my old one to death and the Elites were on offer so I went for it. My hair gets incredibly knotty especially after I wash it, and if I went and hacked at it with anything else, I'd rip half of it out I'm sure. As harsh as I treat it chemically I ensure that I'm gentle with it in other aspects, and this boy quickly detangles it for me without breaking any hair off. 

That's all I can think of to say about my hair routine at the moment, if you have any questions, please leave me a comment below! What's your best hair advice or products? Have you tried any of the ones I mentioned? 

Much Love xxx


  1. Yeeeeyy thanks a lot for this post!! And again, I love your hair

    1. No worries hun, hope it helps in some way! :) xx

  2. Great, thanks! I tried coconut oil with disastrous results once, but I think I did it incorrectly and will try again. It felt like I couldn't wash it out of my hair, and even dry my hair looked "wet" and oily. *shudder*


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