Sunday, 25 May 2014

Purple Cut-Crease Eye Tutorial

Hello Everyone! Another dramatic look for you today! I love creating these types of looks, they're so much fun. Not sure if this classifies as a "cut-crease" but it's as sharp a crease as I can pull off with my hooded, ageing lids haha. I adore this colour combo with my eye colour too, it makes them appear more green. So this would make actual green eyes really stand out. Anyway, on with the tutorial, hope you like it! 
I primed my lids with Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in the colour Eden. I also did a light wash of my face powder, Mac MSF Natural, over that, just to make sure the matte shades I'll be using in the next few steps would blend out with ease. 
On a Real Techniques Essential Crease Brush, I took Quarry Eyeshadow by Mac and really slowly began building up colour in my socket and blending up toward the brow.
On a Crown Italian Badger Angled brush, I took Blackberry by Mac and began mapping out the shape of my "cut-crease". I joined it up at the outer corner in a "V" shape. 
Using the Essential Crease brush with whatever colour is left on it, I started blending that out and up. 
I kept reapplying Blackberry and blending it out until I had the depth and shape I wanted.
For my lid colour, I used this eyeshadow I pressed myself. You know when eyeshadows are nearly finished and it gets really hard to pick colour up? If you scrape them out and mix with another similar colour, you get almost a half pan of more product you wouldn't have necessarily used otherwise as well as a custom colour! This is Brule and Naked Lunch by Mac pressed together. Mixing the matte and frosty shades together create this beautiful satin texture. Anyway, use whatever lid colour you like on a flat precise kinda flat brush and pack it on the moving lid, careful not to get it in the crease. I applied this in the inner tearduct too.
To add a bit of warmth to the look, which to me was looking a tad ashen, I used Dame powder blush by Mac on a fluffy blending brush and really lightly ran that between the browbone and where I applied Quarry. Any tricks for unsealing this blush by the way? 
On a smudgy brush, I took the colour Nocturnal from my Smashbox Girls on Film Smokebox Palette. Not sure if this is available anymore, but any dark navy would work. I worked this on my lower lashline, close to the lashes.
I lined my lower and upper waterline with Avon Super Shock gel liner pencil and my upper lashline with Rimmel Glam'Eyes Liquid Liner.
From that same Smashbox Palette, I took the deep aubergine colour, Royal, on a pointy pencil brush and just deepened up the outer corner.
I applied Clinique High Impact Mascara and applied my now much-loved Eylure Naturalites #147's. I also took that Royal colour into a feline point in the inner corner. I can't seem to say no to glitter these days! The one I used is a bit of an antique really, it's a LancĂ´me glitter pot that I think my gran gave me err maybe 13 years ago? It's gorgeous multicoloured fine glitter particles, I'm sure theres loads of similar products available. This look would be equally lovely left that matte/satin kind of texture. 
That's it! I haven't included a full face photo today, having some skin issues at the mo. Was wearing some €2 Lidl sunscreen for 2 days in a row and you can imagine the tantrum my skins thrown now because of that. I'm such a dum-dum. 

Any wayyy, hope you enjoyed the tutorial! Let me know if you try it out, or if there's any looks you'd like to see me do, leave me a comment! 

Much Love xxx


  1. Such a gorgeous look, with and without the glitter! Hope your skin gets better soon x

    1. Thanks so much! That's so sweet of ya, it's getting there! :) xx

  2. Hey! I was just passing through and wanted to say hi and that you have a great blog :) New follower over here. Happy blogging xx
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    1. Hey thanks so much, glad you like the blog! And welcome! :P followed ya back :) xx

  3. i love this eye looks awesome!

    1. Thanks so much! Hope you try it out! :) xx


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