Thursday, 10 April 2014

Pretty Neutral Eyes Tutorial Using Mac Cool Neutrals Palette

Hi Everyone! Today's look is a bit more wearable! Again I'm using my Mac Cool Neutrals Palette for this, which I found out is in fact part of the permanent collection, so it's not going anywhere anytime soon! There's also a Warm Palette available which looks equally lovely and is definitely on my wish list now! Also I've paired the eye look with two different types of lips so this is something that's easily turned from a day to night look by switching to a more striking lip colour. Let me know what you guys think! 
I primed my lid using Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in the colour Eden, as I always do. 
I began with the transition colour in the socket, I used Cozy Grey by Mac on a Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush, which I love using in the socket. A similar colour to this would be Naked2 from the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette. You can barely see the colour in my socket, but this is good, I want it really subtle.
I packed Crushed Clove on the moving lid using a Crown C124 Firm Shadow brush.
Next to add some depth to the outer corner and outer crease area, I used Brun, a cool toned, matte dark brown on a stiff blending brush and slowly built this up, blending with the brush with Cozy Grey on it. 
To add a pop of brightness I used Flounce on a Real Techniques Accent Brush in the inner tearduct and just under the arch of my brow. I love the way the pink undertones in this really brighten up my blue eyes.
Next I went back to Crushed Clove and a little bit of Brun as well with a short stumpy brush like this, and just went under the lower lash line with it to frame the eyes a bit. 
I did my signature simple flicked liner with Rimmel Glam'Eyes Liquid Liner in black and popped on a coat of mascara using a Clinique High Impact, which is drying out something serious and I need to get a new one soon! 
I used Catrice Eyebrow Kit to fill in my brows a bit and a pair of Depend Cleopatra Lashes. Et voila! 
Here I've paired the eyes with two different lip looks just to show how versatile it is! The first colour was a failed attempt at an ombré lip using Mac Lipstick in Creme de Nude, Benefit Lipstick in Shy and a tiny bit of Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain (serious?) in the colour 005 Crush Beguin. I don't think I can really pull it off, my lips don't need to look any smaller than they do. 
I went on to wipe it off and apply the Revlon Balm Stain all over, and I love the result! It's quite Christmassy though. Oh well some parts of the world are going into winter now, so this ones for you! 
Let me know what you guys think, and if you have any requests or question, ask away in the comments below! Think I'll be doing a celebrity inspired tutorial for Saturday so keep an eye out for that. 
Much Love xxx


  1. after stalking you for an hour ... i decided to stop doing that because you are too pretty for having a good weekend :))))
    so amazingly beautiful! love all your tutorials and I will definitely try one of them!

    1. Haha you're too sweet! Thanks a million, so glad you're enjoying the blog :D please let me know how you get on if you do try one of my looks, I'd love to see! :) xxx

  2. this is absolutely beautiful, i really want this palette! it definitely looks like it is worth the money!


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