Sunday, 6 April 2014

KC Professional Silver Hair Mask Review

Hi Everyone! So as promised, here's a quick review on the KC Professional Silver Mask I got last week, that I was so excited about. Now my expectations for this May have been too high to tell you the truth. I should've realised that a product with reconstructive and repairing agents in it isn't going to work like an actual toner would, it's just not realistic. What this turns out to be is more like a silver shampoo but in mask form, so yeah it would be great for up keeping a violet-ash tone in blonde hair, but it's not going to help achieve it as such.
It isn't overly perfumed but it has a pleasant scent in it that I can't quite put my finger on what it is! As you can see it has that violet colour when it comes out of the tube which got me really excited, but once it's rubbed into the hair it turns kinda white. It says to leave it in for 5-10 minutes depending on the desired result. I left it in closer to half an hour and didn't notice any major difference. I reckon I could leave this in overnight and maybe then get "the desired result" if even. As for reconstructing and moisturising results, I prefer a heavier treatment, my hair didn't feel particularly nourished after. I probably wouldn't buy this again, I'd rather stick to a silver shampoo like the Lakme one and a heavier conditioning treatment. Here's a before and after, now the lighting isn't the same so my hair does look the teeniest bit cooler in the second picture, but I didn't notice much difference if I'm honest. Now this is just my opinion after one use, so I guess it's more of a first impression. If my opinion changes I'll be sure to update here later! 
Hope everyone's weekend is off to a great start!
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  1. Hi, have u tried the touch of silver range? One of the products a "twice weekly treatment," think its quite effective, u'd need to experiment with how long to leave it in (like a few mins to 5/10 mins). Its in various shops in uk for around £2 per item, can b bought online easily enough too.

    1. Sounds good, what brand is it? :) x

    2. Hi, sorry for late reply. Its called "touch of silver" if u google or search amazon u'll see their range. Think if ur a committed blonde like urself, together with the price point, their stuff would b worth a go. Theirs loads of different products to try. But defo the twice weekly one I mentioned. (Btw this is my first time ever commenting on any website/blog thing:-)) if u ever try the stuff would love to know how u got on.


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