Friday, 4 April 2014

Hair Tutorial - Natural Loose Waves

Hi Everyone! So I've had a few of you asking about how I curl my hair, and I'm finally getting around to it. Oh my god it's been SO long since I did a hair tutorial. This is probably going to be a pretty long post, be warned. I've been using this method for curling my hair since last summer I think, and it took me many tries and go's to get the hang of it and figure out what worked best in my hair and how to get the effect I wanted. So this is how I currently do it, hope it's of use to some of you! Let me know what you think!
So my weapon of choice is the Babyliss Pro 32mm (think that's 2 inches) curling tong. Please excuse the absolute state of mine, it's years old. In fact it's a hand-me-down from my friend Daniel :). Babyliss have since refreshed the look of their curlers, they're all black now but still the same thing, they retail for around €40 I think. A worthy investment if you ask me, as I said, they last years. Now, as you'll see in a minute, I use this as a wand, so it doesn't matter if your curler has a clamp or not, I just don't have a real wand, so this will have to do. All that matters is that the rod (is that what the hot part is called? Hot rod?) is the same thickness the whole way through and not conical. I heat this up to the highest setting.
This is my hair blow dried from the night before, so there's a bit of a kink in it, but this doesn't matter. I don't like to curl freshly blow dried hair as it's too soft and the curls will fall out too quick. Now everyone's hair is different, so this might not work for your hair. My hair is long with outgrown long layers, it's not the thickest but I have loads of it. Also it's been heavily chemically processed, obviously. 
Okay, so what I want is those nice big, loose, uniform, casual waves. I don't want volume at the root, just nice movement through the mid lengths and ends. The trick with achieving that, is in the sectioning. What I do, is I part my hair where I want my parting to be. Quite often to the side or off centre. I continue the parting to my crown and from there to the nape I split it down the middle and separate my two sections by bringing them over my shoulders. Now this is the important bit. You don't want to section your hair horizontally but vertically, if your hair is thicker, make your section thinner, but don't start layering it. Keeping the sections slim and vertical is what will give you that uniform look when you're finished. I start from the back sections and work my way to the front, but I suppose it doesn't make a difference if you start from the back or front, whichever feels comfortable. You can see my curler burn on my elbow from last week, be careful, they're horrible! 
This is another important bit. I always curl away from the face. Curling towards the face will give you that old school retro look which is lovely, but not what were trying to do here. I keep the clamp closed, tuck the metal thingy down (the thing that let's you rest the tong on surfaces, whatchamacallit) and hold the curler upside down like so. This allows me to wrap my section in a spiral around the "hot-rod". I hold the ends down with my fingers, making sure they're facing away from me also, and hold for around 15 seconds. 
First section done! It should look a little something like this. Notice how the ends flick away from my face? Once you've released your section, just let it rest, don't play with it, don't spray it, don't pull it out. It needs time to cool down and set. Just move on to your next section. 
Next vertical section! What an awkward looking photo :P 
Repeat as before. Again, make sure the ends face the same way in each section, helps with the waves looking uniform. I wrap my hair around the rod about 4 times. 
Keep working your way towards the front, section by section. When I get to the front, which is the most damaged part of my hair, I don't hold it for as long, about 7 seconds is plenty. 

First side done! I haven't touched these since curling them, but you can see the first section I did is starting to fall out a bit already. This is good, we don't want tight ringlets. 
Do the same on the other side! Remember to switch hands, and to curl away from the face again, so you'll be going in the opposite direction that you did on the first side. I used to use hairspray to finish off, but I stopped a few weeks ago because strangely enough, I realised my hair keeps the curl better without any! Also it doesn't get half as knotty when it's product free.
From the back! Thanks to my brother Erik for helping me take photos for this post, such a good sport. 

So that's it! I feel like that was quite badly explained, let me know if any of it made sense :/ do any of you use this method to curl your hair? 

Much Love xxx


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    1. Thanks Laura, I tried to follow your blog, but I dont know how! Do you have GFC or Bloglovin on it? X

  2. your hair looks great..and i love the color!!

    1. Thank you so much, that's so sweet of ya! I really want it like an almost grey shade! What do you think? X


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