Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Beauty Inspo: Ellie Goulding

Hi Everyone! Its been awhile since i did something celebrity inspired, so heres a wee look based on my girl crush of the minute, the lovely Ellie Goulding. Generally she wears very little makeup, its always natural, and thats not really exciting for a tutorial is it? So this is probably a little darker than what she would go for, but its just enough for me to not look sick haha, not all of us can get away with that barely there look :) hope you guys like it!
I primed my lid with UDPP.
On a flat shader brush I took Nevermind from the Urban Decay Vice Palette and packed the colour just on the moving lid. You dont have to use this same colour, anything kind of neutral, a shade or two darker than your skin, iridescent or matte doesnt really matter.
Ellie has a very deep socket, which gives her eyes that unusual shape which I love, so she wouldnt need all this shading mallarkey going on, but to create the illusion of a deeper crease I softly blended some Kid by Mac around the socket, towards the bridge of the nose. If you have brown or hazel eyes like Ellie, go for something a bit cooler toned like Quarry by Mac, I wanted this to be the most flattering for my eye colour so I went for the warmer option.
To deepen the socket even more, I used Handwritten by Mac on a precise blending brush and softly traced my natural socket and brought it more foreward towards the nose just by following the natural curve, and going back with my fluffy blending brush and buffing the colour as I went along.
I wanted the browbone area to be as plain as possible so I applied Brule by Mac quite liberally along there, knocking back some of the Kid that had been blended too high.
I used a tiny bit of Blac Type by Mac just around the tearduct to keep the eyes looking awake. Ellie sometimes wears shadow or liner on the bottom lashline, but her signature look is to have nothing but a touch of mascara there so I decided to leave the bottom alone.
For a soft liner look, I applied Crave from the UD Naked Basics palette on an angled brush just along the top lashes, and ending in a small soft flick at the outer corner.
Benefit Waterproof BadGal Mascara.
Ardell Wispies. I would've went for lashes that get thicker towards the outer corner, but didnt have ones handy... Ellie often goes for individual lashes in the outer corners instead of a full lash like this, but they're super hard to do on yourself!
Ellie often goes for pinky/peachy cheeks and lips so on my cheeks I wore Benefit Coralista and on my lips I used Mac Lipstick in Angel.
Forgive the edited photo, I thought the high contrast made my hair look cool. :)

Friday, 20 September 2013

Eyes On Fire Tutorial

Hi Everyone! I'm kinda into the autumn theme at the minute, I was just playing around with a few colours here that I hadn't tried before, and the result was kind of fiery, hence the title :) perfect for a glam night out, especially if you have a LOT of time to get ready haha. Hope you like it!
I primed my lid with UDPP original as usual. To create a nice dark and slightly sticky base for my loose shadow, I filled in my lid liberally with Avon SuperShock Eyeliner in black straight from the pencil.
I used a flat cheap concealer brush type to soften the edges of this and push it right into the lashes. The blending still doesn't have to be perfect, but doing this definitely helps with blending later on.
I don't think I've used a dazzledust in about a year now but I found this when I was rooting through the stash for inspiration and I don't think I've used it before so decided to have a wee play around. I applied this in a gently patting motion on a flat brush all over the black base. Oh it's Barry M Dazzledust #47 by the way :)
For my transition colour I used Quarry by Mac (once again) on a fluffy blending brush. I'm obsessed with this right now, it's so versatile, I don't know why, but I've always found these neutral mid tones fascinating.
On a more precise blending brush I applied Crave from the Naked Basics (UD) palette (any blackened dark brown will work) and creating a sharp-ish crease, and taking it under the lower lashes on the same brush as well, joining the crease and bottom lash line softly at the outer corner.
Another virgin product is this loose shadow by Irish makeup brand Fuschia, this is #08. It's one of these unbelievably gorgeous golds that doesn't translate to pictures, not on my little camera anyway. I literally wanted just a flash of this in the middle of the eye. I used the same flat brush that used for the dazzledust, just using the other side. Don't be afraid to touch up the red if the gold seems to take over, you want there to be a nice balance going on.
For a dramatic highlight in the tear duct and the browbone I used Blanc Type by Mac.
I ran Avon SuperShock eyeliner on the upper and lower waterline and created a dramatic flicked liner on the top lid with N.Y.C liquid liner.
Benefit BadGal Waterproof mascara.
Ardell Wispies
I think this would work for nearly anyone brave enough, but it especially makes blue eyes pop. Let me know what you think in the comments and if you have any suggestions for future tutorials are welcome :)

Monday, 16 September 2013

Benefit BadGal Waterproof Mascara Review

Hi Everyone! So as promised here's a little review on the waterproof BadGal mascara. I bought this about a month ago as I was on the hunt for a good, smudge free mascara and I didn't have time to go to Clinique for my trusted High Impact so I decided to give this a go.
My lashes without mascara.
My lashes with several coats of Waterproof BadGal.
Formula: The texture of this is quite wet, and there doesn't seem to be a lot of product on the brush which is good but it also means that you have to work a little harder to build up volume. The colour is a deep deep black which is good. There is one disappointing thing about this, that really annoys me about mascaras, smudging. Black marks on your browbone and under your eyes after a couple of hours. I know that waterproof doesn't mean oil proof which is what I think causes smudge ness, the oil on your skin, but I just hate when it happens, extra touch ups etc... The Brush: the main reason I decided to go for this mascara was the brush. I liked the original BadGal but the brush is simply far too big for my liking, so the smaller, simpler brush was a pleasant surprise. Packaging: Comes in a sleek slim matte lack tube with a silver top, doesn't take up much room in your makeup bag. Price: €23

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Neutral Autumn Party Eyes

Hi Everyone, so I've had a considerable break from posting, and Im so surprised I still have followers! Thanks guys for sticking with me, Im hoping to have regular tutorials coming your way from now on, hopefully at least once a fortnight.. So to ease myself back into this tutorial mallarky, I went for something quite simple, this is the look I've been going for for nights out this past couple of weeks so I thought I'd share it, hope you enjoy, and leave me suggestions in the comment for future tutorials!! :)
As always, I applied Urban Decay Primer Potion all over the lid, socket, browbone, tearduct and a little underneath as well.
I applied Spotlight from the Urban Decay Mariposa Palette, which is a warm champagne shimmer, on the moving lid, concentrating the colour mainly on the middle and inner half of the lid. Dopnt forget that you can substitute any of the colours I use for something similar that you already have!
Using the other side of the shading brush, I picked up a tiny bit of Skimp and applied it just into the inner lid, not so much on the tearduct though, more overlapping with Spotlight.
Im really loving cool taupe shades at the minute so I used Quarry by Mac on a large blending brush and applied it in the socket. This is our transitional colour, it will help blend everything together later.
To give the eyes some depth, I took Embark (cool toned deep brown)by Mac on a small blending type brush and applied fairly liberally around the outer corner, dont be afraid to get it right into the lashline, and up into the socket a little. Just make sure you tidy up the edges with the large blending brush used earlier with whatever Quarry is left on it.
Taking a short stubby brush and a little more Embark, I ran this under the lower lashline. This doesnt have to be perfectly neat, mine is on the tidy side, but you could go pretty smudgy with this and it would give it a nice modern grundy effect.
Take any matte black eyeshadow you like, (I used Urban Decay Blackout, but my camera wasnt cooperating with me to get a pic) on an angled brush and press it into the lashline to line the eyes. I wanted to deepen the outer corners so I smudged Blackout with Embark just at the very corner.
Beneft Badgal Waterproof Mascara (review coming soon).
On a small shader brush I applied some Brule by Mac along the browbone, not so much to create a highlight as to even the colour of my skin out. I brightened up the inner corner and tearduct with Blanc Type, this step isnt necessary, its more so to correct my colouring, as I get very dark around the bridge of my nose so this helps brighten that.
My favourite Ardell Demi Wispies. This pair has survived a night out believe it or not! If you wanted you could run a black or brown or gold or any colour pencil along the waterline for extra definition. Other than that the look is finished! :)