Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Trick or Treat?

Hey Everyone, Happy Halloween! I thought I'd share a few of the looks I did for my friends this year, I was happy enough with them :) My friend Ash below, saw a skull make-up on Pinterest that she wanted me to recreate, bear in mind this took whatever strength I had left that day, I was so tired... I used Blackout eyeshadow by Urban Decay  for the entire look :)

Our comic book/ pop-art girl Laura looked amazing, the white dots were done using the end of a makeup brush (a nail dotting tool would be perfect, I didn't have one though) and white nail varnish. It meant that the dots stayed put all night and actually glowed in the dark which was cool. Nail varnish on  skin, you ask? Surely that can't be good. I had an incredibly thick layer of makeup on her skin, to get that cartoon like skin, so the varnish kinda sat on that, mind the fumes aren't nice :) it comes off easy along with the makeup, although if you're planning on trying this, proceed at your own risk, and don't go too close to the eyes or mouth with it.

Yours truly was too shattered to do anything fancy so a onesie and a kitty nose and whiskers later, I present you with Soft Kitty :) 

What's everyone dressing up as?

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