Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Beauty Inspo: Ellie Goulding

Hi Everyone! Its been awhile since i did something celebrity inspired, so heres a wee look based on my girl crush of the minute, the lovely Ellie Goulding. Generally she wears very little makeup, its always natural, and thats not really exciting for a tutorial is it? So this is probably a little darker than what she would go for, but its just enough for me to not look sick haha, not all of us can get away with that barely there look :) hope you guys like it!
I primed my lid with UDPP.
On a flat shader brush I took Nevermind from the Urban Decay Vice Palette and packed the colour just on the moving lid. You dont have to use this same colour, anything kind of neutral, a shade or two darker than your skin, iridescent or matte doesnt really matter.
Ellie has a very deep socket, which gives her eyes that unusual shape which I love, so she wouldnt need all this shading mallarkey going on, but to create the illusion of a deeper crease I softly blended some Kid by Mac around the socket, towards the bridge of the nose. If you have brown or hazel eyes like Ellie, go for something a bit cooler toned like Quarry by Mac, I wanted this to be the most flattering for my eye colour so I went for the warmer option.
To deepen the socket even more, I used Handwritten by Mac on a precise blending brush and softly traced my natural socket and brought it more foreward towards the nose just by following the natural curve, and going back with my fluffy blending brush and buffing the colour as I went along.
I wanted the browbone area to be as plain as possible so I applied Brule by Mac quite liberally along there, knocking back some of the Kid that had been blended too high.
I used a tiny bit of Blac Type by Mac just around the tearduct to keep the eyes looking awake. Ellie sometimes wears shadow or liner on the bottom lashline, but her signature look is to have nothing but a touch of mascara there so I decided to leave the bottom alone.
For a soft liner look, I applied Crave from the UD Naked Basics palette on an angled brush just along the top lashes, and ending in a small soft flick at the outer corner.
Benefit Waterproof BadGal Mascara.
Ardell Wispies. I would've went for lashes that get thicker towards the outer corner, but didnt have ones handy... Ellie often goes for individual lashes in the outer corners instead of a full lash like this, but they're super hard to do on yourself!
Ellie often goes for pinky/peachy cheeks and lips so on my cheeks I wore Benefit Coralista and on my lips I used Mac Lipstick in Angel.
Forgive the edited photo, I thought the high contrast made my hair look cool. :)


  1. I find your tutorials so inspiring! Will defo be tryinng something like this sometime soon :)

  2. Thanks a lot for posting, it was quite handy and helped a lot
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