Thursday, 29 March 2012

Bouncy Waves Tutorial

Hi Everyone! I've been having a mad busy week and posting as once again taken a back seat. Im currently suffering with a head cold (thanks to enjoying the recent nice weather a bit too much) and didn't feel like putting make-up on my slightly burnt face, never mind taking pictures of it :) So this is a wee hair tut I put together a while back, its fairly simple, I'm sure some of you already know how to do this, but its something that I always compliments on and its my current fave thing to do with my hair. Sorry the pics are a bit gammy, I had no-one to help me and I'll tell ya, its not as easy as you'd think to take a decent pic of the back of your head :) Enjoy! So I washed my hair, (this will work just as well on second day hair, if not better) and to help me detangle it and keep it in good condition AND as a heat protectant, I used Argan Secret Miracle 10 Treatment Spray. I use the Denman tangle-teaser to sort through my locks.

Excuse my face here, it was really bright out :) I blast dried my hair, and brushed it through. Nothing fancy. I also sectioned it like so, making a side parting and pushing the rest back.

I used Babyliss Pro Curling Iron (its the f170 i think) and took large sections of hair and curled away from the face. I held the iron in place for about 10 seconds and then gently let the section go, and pinned it back up with curling clip. You can use a hair grip but I find these boys hold heavier sections up better. This is the secret to longer lasting curls, to allow them to set and cool while pinned up. Its also handy, because you can do your make-up while the hair is cooling and pretend to be a 1940's pin-up :)

Here you can see I'm just working up the hair in sections and clipping in place. Simples!

Here you can see what the back of the head looks like once its up.

for a a little retro twist, curl the hair on the side of the parting that has less hair inwards. I usually turn it away from the face, but this looks nice too.

Here is all the hair pinned in place, and as you can see, the hair on the other side of the parting has been curled away from the face.

Once the hair is cool, gently take the clips off, and your curls will come out looking something like this, aka goldie-locks style.
The Solution: Serum. Brush out your curls gently and rub some serum onto your hands and pull through the hair. I used Alfaparf Semi Di Lino Cristalli Liquid, available from all Alfaparf salons. Now its up to you what you wish to do with it, pin bits back, leave it as it is, do a little goddess braid, whatever. This style lasts me approximately 3 days, the first day as show below, second day looser waves (my fave) and on the third day I like to put it up in a ponytail, as the curls look lovely cascading down. Also feel free to spray it, if your hair doesn't take to curls very well. I'd recommend something light that still allows your hair to move and not freeze it in place or make it feel sticky. I hope I explained this ok, let me know if you decide to try this out! Much Love xx


  1. I do this all the time too! I find that if I use small bobby pins I can sleep with my hair pinned up like this and then easy breezy hairdo in the Morning :)

  2. Looks lovely and summery. I'm not very good with curls as I've got really long hair but this I may try x

  3. I love the way your hair turned out - gorgeous! xo

  4. didn't realize you were doing hair now too. love it <3


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