Thursday, 27 October 2011

Photoshoot 24/10/11

Designer: Aoife Gallagher
Photography: Paul Doherty
Hair & Make-up: Sara Kalima
Model: Sarah G

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Review: Urban Decay Primer Potion Eden & Sin

Hi Everyone! Im sorry for the lack of posts this week, its been crazy busy and now im dosed with the cold so a tutorial was pretty much out of the question today. So instead, I thought I'd do a little review on one of my favourite products ever, the Urban Decay Primer Potion! I've had the colour Eden for a while now, but over the weekend my gorgeous friend Aoife gave me the Original and Sin duo as an impromtu present, which made me ever so happy and excited as Ive been meaning to get the Sin colour for a while and you can never have enough of the original!

So let's start with Eden! Eden is a yellow-toned concealer like colour which covers any discolouration or veins on the lids, which is super handy. As you can see, my tube is the new well, tube-like packaging, which has its pros and cons. The pros are that its a smaller size but contains 11ml rather than the old packaging with the wand that contains 10ml. I also like using these for my professional work as the product does not get contaminated when its in a tube like this. However, although there is more product in the tube, I find that more product get's wasted as its so easy to squeeze out too much and not get it back in. And with this particular product, you really need only the tiniest bit. the other thing is that the top of this doesnt screw on as tight as I'd like it to, now I don't know if this only happens to my tube, (although its the same on my Original in the same packaging) or if its all the new tubes. God I've never said the word TUBE so many times in a row haha.
Another thing I've found with Eden is that it does tend to crease slightly on me. And it's not as long lasting as the original. This could be because I might be using too much product (at the beginning I definitely did, I didnt realise taht this was not something to be applied as liberally as the Original), but it'd say its definitely worth investing in if you have very uneven lids, and wish to cover that up, but you may as well just get a good quality cream shadow like a Mac PaintPot or Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow.

Now as for Sin, I won't be able to go into as much depth with this as I only tried it for the first time today, but I'll keep you posted on how I find it with longetivity etc. But the colour is just a lovely frosty champagne, obviously I wouldnt use this as a base for matte shadows, but as I often use a shimmery lid colour anyway this will be perfect for that. I've included pics below of Sin just on its own on the lid, which looks great too, so this can be used simply as a cream shadow if you're in a hurry! (hello extra 20 minutes in bed in the mornings!) This came in the old bottle-like packaging with the angled wand (I really love this packaging, its so unusual and funky) and the top twists really tightly closed, which is great :)

Here you can see the Original primer potion, which dries invisible.

And lastly, here's what Sin looks like on its own on the lids. Urban Decay really need to stop calling so many products Sin, it gets really confusing. I mean this is nothing like Sin eyeshadow, which is frosty too, but much more pink toned. But how gorgeous is this?

Overall, if you're going to invest in just one Primer Potion, I recommend the Original as it's the most versatile but I hope this was in some way useful to some of you, looking back at this post now, I think it's kinda pointless but... Oh well. Is everyone ready for Halloween? Keep an eye out for my halloween inspired tutorial for this friday! Much Love! XxxX

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Basics: Eyebrows

Hi Everyone! I was asked to show how I do my eyebrows, so I thought I'd take you through it all quite thoroughly. Eyebrows are one of those things that are different on everyone, mainly because they can so easily be changed and so the methods I'm going to show you, may or may not work for you at all. If you have lovely "virgin" brows, do not TOUCH them. Ever! Lol. But seeing as most of us will at one stage or another in our lives got a little tweezer happy and completely bolloxed up our brows or the beautician left us with tadpole brows, chances are you're going to want to do something about it :)
I've received many amazing compliments about my brows from you guys, my friends and sometimes complete strangers in the street will stop me and tell me they like my eyebrows (very flattering, but...?). So I thought I'd share some brow-history with you, simply to prove that I've learned through trial and error what to do with my brows, and Im still discovering new tips and tricks.
Here's me 15 years of age, with literally a LINE of hair.

Here's me 16, just before I discovered brow pencils. I was trying to do an arched brow, and just ended up looking angry. Fail.

And this is me, 18, with a decent shape, but as you can see, they're very obviously drawn on. But then again, looking natural at the time wasn't a major concern for me :)

Now for a little tutorial! As I mentioned before, this will not work for everyone, but that's okay because there isnt one RIGHT way to do your brows, this is just what I do. But hopefully you'll pick up some useful tips along the way.
So, the tools you will need are a spoolie or a clean disposable mascara wand for brushing the brows.

An angled brush. The one I use and love is a Crown Italian Badger Angled Brush. You will also need small nail scissors or I used hairdressing scissors, but forgot to take a picture of them.

Now, this is my eyebrow before I've done anything to it.

First thing I do is pluck away the stray hairs underneath. I have never had my eyebrows waxed or otherwise treated by a professional, I'm just too fussy for it so plucking is the way to go for me. Then, take your spoolie and brush all your hair downward. As you can see, some of the hair slumps down over the bottom line of my brow (god this is hard to explain). Those hairs need to be trimmed with the scissors, like so.

Then, brush all the hairs upward with the spoolie, and repeat the trimming of any hairs that go over "the line".

And now your eyebrowss are groomed, we're ready to start filling them in!

One of the most important parts of doing your eyebrows and making sure they don't look fake or drawn on, is to choose the right colour. You can use brow powder or matte eyeshadow. As you all know, I always use matte eyeshadow. To figure out what shade you should use, first of all look at the hair of your eyebrows. Is the tone cool or warm? Most people will have cool tones in their eyebrows, but take a good look and decide. They say you should use a colour that is a shade or two lighter than your brows, and this is true to an extent, depending on what type of look you're going for. I mean, I often use Nanda Devi eyeshadow by Stila, which is WAY darker than my hair, but because it's a cool or ashy toned dark brown, it looks alright on. Saying that, if you have dark hair, I would recommend something like Nanda Devi. The shadow I'm using today is Catrice "Starlight Espresso". It's an ashy toned shadow, that matches my mousy colouring perfectly.

Now, I always make sure I have my foundation on BEFORE I start filling in my brows, because I would mess up all my good work if I slapped foundation on after. So the first thing I do, is start from the arch to the ends. This way, you can get your pressure down, because it doesnt matter if you apply too much (pressure) at this part of the brow, because you want a defined line there. My rule is to always lessen the pressue and the amount of product the further in you go towards your nose.

Next, taking a little bit more of the shadow, I map out the bottom "line" of the brow, so that there's a clean edge.

I repeat the same thing on top, so now I have my rough shape mapped out.

And then, I just fill in the blanks! Now as I mentioned before, when you get to the "front" of the brow, make sure you have absolutely minimal product on your brush, and gently push it through this front part, to make it look as natural as possible. And that's all there is to it! This may not be the most fashionable or modern way of doing your brows, but it works for me, it's easy and simple once you know what you're doing.

And here you can see, with a flash, that you can't really see obvious tell-tale signs of filled in brows, it all looks fairly uniform and there's no funny gaps like I would have had I not filled them in.

I hope that was of use to some of you, and feedback on if my explanations made any sense would be great haha. Have a great weekend girls, Much Love! xxxx

Monday, 17 October 2011

Glam Photoshoot 15/10/11

Hi Everyone! Just thought I'd share some photos we took last Saturday night :) A whole bunch of us got together and got all dolled up and squeezed ourselves into steel-boned corsets and whatnot, as you do. In some of these it looks like im au naturel, but I promise you, Im wearing a corset. I hope you enjoy this, and I wish you all a great week xxx Much Love

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Brown Defined Eyes Tuorial

Hi Everyone! I have a quick tutorial for you today! I found myself wearing this look to work all this week (minus the lashes) and got many complements, so I figured it woud be a good one to share. This is very similar to the Nina Dobrev/Elena Gilbert look I did a while ago, but if you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that I love nothing better than a good aul neutral eye. Now, as I mentioned before, I wore this to work but if blending shadows in the morning doesnt appeal to you this look can of course also be worn in the evening :) Let's get started!

First of all I filled in my brows wit Catrice Eyeshadow in Starlight Espresso and applied urban Decay Primer Potion all over the lid. Then on a big flufy brush I did a light wash of Brule by Mac all over the lid, up as far as the brow and under the lashes too.

Next, taking Naked eyeshadow from the uD palette on a blending brush, I applied this in the crease rather liberally, blending well.

On the same brush I took a slightly deeper brown, Buck, from the same palette, and applied this on top of Naked, but concentrating the colour lower down, not blending it as high.

Now with a tapered crease brush, I took Handwritten by Mac and applied it to the outer corner in a distinct C-shape like so.

Gradually blend and build up the colour until youachieve the depth you want and until there are no harsh lines (or lines of any sort) and everything marries smoothly into each other.

After this, with the same colour and same brush, take it under the lower lashline softly.

On a short stuby brush, I took a little bit of Blanc Type by Mac under the brow and in the inner corner.

Next, I used Catrice Gel Liner in Black and a Crown angled brush to line my top lashline and tightline also.

On the waterline you can use any colour, I used Whisky from urban Decay (a light brown) and a coat of Bourois Volume Clubing Mascara in ultra black.

Ardell Wispies et voila! Adding lashes is of course completely optional.

What I used on my skin to create a fresh, dewy look.

I hope you like this, and welcome to all new followers! :) Much Love xxx