Monday, 28 February 2011


The charger on my laptop broke, and so Im writing this with the last 30 minutes of life my baby has left, to let you know that I wont be posting for the next week or so :'(. But I have lots of posts planned out so watch this space . Love xxx

Friday, 25 February 2011

Showertime Favourites

Hey girls, its friday again! I had a crazy day at work, and I want to do nothing but have a long hot shower and watch some tv... Which is why I thought I'd show you my fave shower gels/creams/jellys. I recently noticed that I have accumulated quite a few, I just cant seem to resist buying shower goodies that look/smell good, and i like having variety.

Radox Shower Smoothies in Natural Balance and Soul Soother.
These were on sale in my local chemist for 1.65, and they are so luxourious (for the price) I had to pick them up. Both yummy. The only thing is, I use a LOT of product and these seem to empty out pretty quick. But they're gorgeous.

Planet Spa african shea butter Brown Sugar Scrub
Fave exfoliant at the minute. Delicious shea butter scent and nice rough particles and there's enough of them. Love.

Unknown brand Blueberry Smoothie bubble bath/shower cream (from Heatons)
This was supercheap, I think €3, and the product has that cheap shower gel texture (you know what I mean) but the scent is delicious. I like to use this as my first "wash" and then follow with another shower gel, I dunno, I probably jus bought this coz of the packaging :P

Lush Whoosh Shower Jelly and Snow Fairy Shower Gel
From my little Lush Haul back in September, I've been hanging on to these with nails and teeth! They told me that Snow Fairy was only going to be available until Christmas but I saw it on one of their websites, so it could still be available? It smells so goos (as does everything from Lush) but I think if you have any sort of sweet tooth, you will love this.

As you can see, Snow Fairy has had a little bit more love than Whoosh, but I've been using Whoosh alot lately and it's not going anywhere!

It smells yummy and citrusy, and I love that its blue! It lathers when the water hits it, I adore it. The reason why mine kinda looks like mince is because I used to take the whole thing out for showering but one night I dropped it and it went SMACK flat and I franctically collected what I could before the shower washed it down :S Now I break it into little pieces (which is probably why it's lasting so well).

What are your favourite shower goodies? Love xxx

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Let's get Naked!

So here's a quick Naked look, this is the type of eye make-up I go for on an everyday basis. I'll post more adventurous looks soon :) And please ignore my hair (wouldnt even call it that at this stage), it's dreadful, Im getting it done next week hopefully :)

What I used;
-Primer Potion
-Naked (base colour, all over lid up to just above the crease)
-Sin & Sidecar (inner corner)
-Half-Baked (mid-lid)
-Smog (outer corner & crease)
-Buck (fill in eyebrows)
-Creep (set eyeliner on lid)
-Blanc Type (M.A.C) for highlight.
-24/7 eyeliner in Zero
-Avon Supershock Mascara

I'm wearing Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation which I'll probably do a review on at some stage, and I really like it. I was disapponted when they discontinued the 10 hour sleep effect foundation, but I find this is very similar, a light foundation but with good coverage and that delicius fresh smell. More of that later.

Love xxx

Urban Decay NAKED Palette Arrived!

Good Morning! The post man woke me up today with the best delivery imaginable! Just yesterday I said how the Urban Decay Palette hasn't arrived yet and now here it is! I just wanted to post a few swatches and stuff, I'll probably post a look or two either today or in the next few days :) So excited!

So here's how it looks in the packaging (I removed the plastic so it wouldnt flash back too much) and it comes with a cute teeny weeny Primer Potion!

Swatches: From L-R; Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck and Half-Baked.

Swatches: From L-R; Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep & Gunmetal.

Stay Tuned! Love xxx

Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Hey everyone, apologies for the recent lack of posts, I've been very busy (and a little uninspired to be honest) and just havent felt like posting.. But Im back now and I have yet ANOTHER nails of the day (yawn) for you. But I got a little gem wheel on ebay and I wanted to play around a little. This is Must-Have by Essence (dark shimmery grey) with 2 coats of W7 Lavender Pearl on top.

Here's my rhinestone wheel, we shall be having loads and loads of fun with this! :) Other things that I'll be doing posts on in the near future is the Urban Decay Naked Palette (eeep!) which my lovely considerate gorgeous boyfriend bpught for me on Ebay but that hasnt arrived just yet, and a set of "Bobbi Brown" brushes that I ordered for £35..? We'll see if I get authentic brushes (doubtful, seeing as there's 19 brushes in the set).

But yeah anywhoo, sorry again about the lack of posts, I solemly swear to try and be more a more active blogger! Love xxxx

Friday, 18 February 2011

Mini W7 Haul & NOTD

Hi Y'all, yay its friday! I start in a new salon tomorrow, and im trying to keep myself occupied so I don't get nervous! So excited! Anyway, I was shopping with my mother in law today and just couldn't stop myself wandering into my beloved chemist, and I noticed they had elected a huge W7 nail varnish stand with some colours I had never seen before. And at €1.49, they're hard to resist to say the least. Im in love with plum and lavender shades at the minute but I thought I better stock up for the spring and summer brights as well :)
Here's the colours L-R; Purple Dazzle (deep purple glitter), Lavender Pearl (sheer lavender with pink shimmer) and Fluorecent Pink 2 (luminous hot pink, matte)

Here's Fluorecent Pink, which to me looks awful orange in the photo, I should've waited til Sunday to take these pics in daylight, but take my word for it, this is BRIGHT.

On my index finger is 2 coats of Lavender Pearl on its own with no coloured base, next is the same colour but on top of Essence No More Drama. This is a very sheer colour, which looks amazing in the bottle, but you need a base colour for. Unless you wanted to do a lavender french mani..?

On my ring and baby finger I have Purple Dazzle, on my baby finger 3 coats on its own with no base and ring finger has a matt top coat. I prefer without the matte coat, if it's got sparkle, let it sparkle!

Love xxx

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Space Age NOTD & Dora Mohawk!

Hey everyone, hope youre all having a good week so far, the weekend is nearly here! I just wanted to show you a nail colour I picked up in my local chemist for half price! It's GOSH Holographic, I barely looked at the colour in the shop (speed shopping haha)at first glance it just looks like a dirty silver. But when I swatched it on my nail (needs at least 2 coats) all the clours of the rainbow were glimmering back at me! When there is no light reflecting off the colour, it looks like a steel blue/ silver and it just makes me think of GaGa and robots and space age coolness lol.

And here's Pandora with her cool mohawk, but somehow I don't think she was too impressed....

Have a great weekend and Much Love xx

Monday, 14 February 2011

Mini Dollydagger "Haul" & Alfaparf Course

Hey Girlies! Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! My stuff from finally arrived today and Im so excited!

This is what I got for my friend's birthday that's on next weekend, a glitter gun and hello kitty lip balm! (I got one for myself too). We agreed not to spend more than a tenner on presents, so before you think what crappy presents, this is why hahah. Im celebrating mine about a month early because I know I'll not make the effort to do anything on my real birthday so I may as well get the celebrations over and done with while everyones here!

This is the little make-up bag that all the items came in, par the gun, and I didnt order it, so it must have been a free gift, but either way how cool is that? Im loving everything thats granny-chic at the minute, so this is perfect :)

Ans this is the Orange Foot File! How cool is that?! I dont need to explain myself for getting this haha.

An ice-cream nail file... Why not?

And last but not least, I fell in love with this little bow-shaped ring (which looks alot bigger on the website but thats okay), theres loads of colours available and its size-adjustable so it will fit any finger :) I thought it was very Kandee Johnson-esque.

Oh and I wanted to show off my Alfaparf Step One cert that I got today, I'm so excited..!!

Hope everyone had alovely weekend, and roll on Paddy's Day!

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Happy Valentines...

That time of year again... How do you feel about Valentine's Day? Do you actually celebrate it or do you think its just another scheme so that flower and card sales increase? Personally I'm not a huge fan, because there's alot of pressure to go out for a romantic meal and this and that if you are in a relationship (like I am) or you have to go out with your girlies to a traffic light disco if youre not having a cuddly time with your other half. God I hate traffic light discos! Wear a red pin if you're taken (nobody speaks to you), a green light if youre single (have smelly random men try rub their crothes on you on the dancefloor) or the yellow pin if you're "undefined" (anything can happen then). I mean, yes it would be nice to get some flowers or a love letter or a foot massage but I just get sick of people asking what we're doing for Valentine's... Because when I say, 'oh we're just staying in probably..' people presume there's something wrong with us. Grrr. Anyway, I hope that you have a lovely time whatever you decide to do this weekend, Happy Valentine's Day and much Love xxxx

Thursday, 10 February 2011


Hello, Hope everyone's doing well, here's a simple dimple nails of the day for you :) I picked up this pretty greyish lavender from Essence yesterday, its called No More Drama #27. I love Essence Varnishes, these little bottles cost less than €2 and they have some really lovely colours! And yes, you may need to apply two coats and they may not last two weeks, but I find they're lovely to apply and they are often surprisingly pigmented. I probably wouldnt wear this colour just as it is, but Im sure I'll come up with more creative ways to wear it :)

Here's the same colour with Essence Matt Top Coat :)

I almost forgot, if you have some spare time on your hands, or like doing nice things for strangers, can I ask you to please vote for my entry on the Sugarpill Contest? Much Love xxxx


Hi All, sorry for the snailish posts recently, just been a little busy :) Meet Holly, my brother in law found her in cardboard box behind his salon a few weeks back. I think she's some sort of jack russel cross, I dont know how old she is, but no more than 12 weeks or so.. She has been staying at granny's house while we get a kennel sorted, and I can't wait to get her here! I wonder what Pandora will think..? xxxx

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Sugarpill Contest

Hello Girlies, hope you all had a great weekend (and arent paying the price in headache today like I am)... Here's a little sneak peek at my entry for the Sugarpill Contest on Facebook ( You have until Wednesday to enter and I dont know anyone who wouldnt say no to $200 worth of Sugarpill make-up, do you?

I'm sorry this is going to be a very short post, but my thumping head is protesting against typing and looking at the laptop screen, so I hope this is useful to those of you who are interested in make-up competitions, and yeah! Much Love xxxxx

Friday, 4 February 2011

Skincare Routine Updated!

Hi All! I just want to show you some of the products that I use to take care of my skin. My skin type is normal to dry, so im very lucky but i do work very hard to keep it that way, and I think the biggest thing you can do to fix any skin problem is to do what feels good to it. If it's tight, moisturise, if it's sensitive, stop using the product that sensitises it! Etc etc. Simples! :P

Cleanser: Nivea Visage Young Clean Deeper Daily Wash Scrub

I've used this cleanser for the last four or five years and it just agrees with my skin. It takes off every last trace of make-up, my skin feels clean and refreshed and super smooth thanks to the light exfoliating particles. And its under a fiver. Love it.

Exfoliant: Anew Clinical Advanced Dermabrasion System from Avon.

I got this with the christmas gveaway prize from the lovely girls at Pixiwoo (<3)
It's for a slightly more mature skin than mine, and it is quite harsh I find. There is 4 different levels and you use one level for 2 weeks and the abrasion gets more and more effective towards the 4th level. After youre finished the 6 week system, you give your skin a 2 week break and start from the beginning. I don't like to use this as often as it says in the instructions because I feel that it can make my skin a little sensitive, but all that said, this is the best exfoliation I've ever experienced.

Toner: Kaeso Balm Mint & Cotton Hydrating Toner

This is the first toner I ever got (I bought it in September and its still going strong), mainly because I never really felt like it was necessary. What a toner does is remove any remaining particles of cleanser, tighten the pores and balance the skin's PH. Of course different toners do different things, but those are the basics. Using this toner hasnt IMPROVED my skin in a major way, (I've never been prone to blemishes anyway) but I find I couldnt live without it now. When I went on holidays, I didnt want to bring this over because its huge and I was totally lost when mum didnt have any toner either. I find that it completes my skin routine somehow, like its not as clean without it or something.. I don't know! :P

Moisturizer: Nivea Soft Moisturising Cream

Another one of those products I've been using since I can remember, I just love Nivea, all their products seem to love my skin. And vise versa. This is a light, refreshing moisturiser, and its the only one I use, day and night (just slap more on for night). There's really not much to say, it's such a basic simple product, but I just LOVE it.

Eye Cream: Anew Clinical Eye Lift from Avon

Another Avon giveaway goodie, there's a gel for your lid and browbone, and a cream for under eyes. I loved this at first, but now I think my eyelid has become a little sensitised, but i adore the under eye cream, its yummy! Im starting to run out of this and I wouldn't buy it again probably, do you have any suggestions for a great eye cream?

Serum: Anew Clinical Derma-Full x3 Facial Filling Serum by Avon

Again from Avon, this serum is designed for a more mature skin, so my skin doesnt benefit from it at all, but what I use this for is I apply it to my neck at night. The skin on our necks is the first that starts ageing, and there is very little you can do about it once its sagging, surgical or none surgical. So I like to take extra good care of mine haha. Paranoid? Me?

So I think that's all, I hope that was in some way helpful! Oh and I wash my face every morning and every evening, twice in the evening to remove make-ep and secondly to actually clean the skin. I dont sleep with make-up on and I dont smoke (anymore. YAY!) I ordered a few things from this afternoon, I can't wait to show you what I got! They sell the cutest stuff (unnecessary stuff, but CUTE). Love! xxxx

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Beauty Inspiration: Blake Lively/Serena Van Der Woodsen

So here's another Gossip Girl themed make-up, I adore Serena's look, its super simple, fresh and glowy. Hope you like :)

Products used:
- GOSH X-Ceptional Wear Foundation in Golden
- Rimmel Concealer Stick in Ivory
- Rimmer Translucent Pressed Powder
- GOSH Brozing Powder in 02 Natural Glow
- M.A.C. creme colour base in Shell
- W7 Blush in Candy Floss

- Benefit Eyeshadow in Low Profile (base)
- Naked Lunch by MAC (light wash)
- GOSH glamorous eyeshadow in 13 Beige (inner corner highlight)
- W7 Double Act Bronzer (crease)
- Unknown cool light brown for eyebrows
- AVON Glimmerstick Diamonds Eyeliner in Twilight Sparkle
- GOSH eyeliner in Sparkling Pearl (waterline)
- AVON Supershock Mascara
- Loreal Volume Million Lash Mascara

- AVON Lip Trio in Berry (just the lipgloss)