Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Urban Decay Mariposa Palette

Hi Everyone! Did you have a nice Christmas? Im sorry I've been neglecting my blog once again, been crazy busy working around Christmas, but I promise loads new posts will be coming in January. Kudos to my lovely boyfriend who got me this Urban Decay palette as a Christmas present (actually walked into Debenhams and bought it himself)which Im going to show off today. Terribly sorry also about the quality of the swatches, it was late at night and with the dire weather we've been getting around here, they would've looked just as bad had I taken them at noon.
The palette comes in a tin case with an engraved butterfly and the UD logo on it. Its lovely and simple, but the tin can prove troublesome to open. The palette comes with a synthetic fibre mini brush (which would be an ideal concealer brush) which is handy. There's a lovely mixture of neutrals, darks and brights which is nice, but no mattes however.

From R-L; Rockstar, Gunmetal, Skimp and Infamous.

R-L; Wreckage, Haight, Money and Mushroom.

R-L; Limelight and Spotlight.

Favourites so far; Mushroom (a very strange medium grey, dont know how to describe it! Infamous, cant wait to do some daring looks with this one. And last but not least Im in love with Spotlight, which is very similar to Sidecar from the Naked Palette, but without the heavy glitter. Cant wait to do some crazy looks with this!
Thanks Chris xxx


  1. wreckage and spotlight look gorgeous!

  2. Loving urban decay, anything from their eye range is always amazing! Wreckage is fabulous!


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