Friday, 16 December 2011

First Impressions: Revlon ColorStay Foundation

Hi Everyone! I decided to branch out and try a new foundation. Nothing wrong with my beloved Healthy Mix, Im just a bit bored with it. Super dewy skin in the winter just doesnt look right does it? i've had my eyes on ColorStay for a while now, having heard mostly positive feedback on it and so far, I must say Im rather impressed with the product itself.

The packaging is a let down for me. I like the glass bottle, but the fact that there's no pump or spatula thing or ANYTHING is a massive downside. You have to pour the product on to the back of your hand, and its next to impossible to not get too much out. So I can see a lot of product getting wasted that way. The other slightly displeasing thing about this is the smell. I can't quite put my finger on what it is. In the shop, it smelled like a mixture of something buttery (not in a good way) and something plasticky. When I was applying it, it had a hint of freshness to it which was nice. When I smell it directly from the bottle i get no smell at all. Maybe the sample in the shop was gone-off or something.

Mine is in the colour 150 Buff for Normal/Dry Skin. Its a pretty good match for my yellow-toned skin, maybe a tad too beige. Nothing a little blending down the neck wont fix. I would say the finish is semi-matte, which is lovely. The covearge in this I would say is medium but can be built to full. I dont need a full coverage foundation by any means so to avoid building too heavy a base I applied this as a very thin layer all over the skin and then went back over the blemished bits that need a little extra coverage.

I wore this yesterday to work and then out to our Christmas do, and just touched up my concealer in between, and it held up really well. Very impressed!
Over all Im loving this foundation, and would certainly recommend it! 7.5/10


  1. I keep seeing all these great reviews on this foundation, I think it's time I go out and try it for myself!

    Hey could you vote for me to be the next Rimmel 10? I'm Megan M. All the infos on my blog!


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