Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Christmas Party Look with Individual Eyelashes

Hi Everyone! Im so sorry, I've been a bad bad blogger lately... and today's post is so mediocre I don't really even want to post this lol. I have 200 followers! YAY! Thanks so much guys! And welcome to everyone new :)
Today I was racing against the setting sun to get these pics taken and failed miserably, but I figured I should post SOMETHING. Apologies.
So anywhoo, on with this tutorial-ish post. The shadows were so simple and I've probably done this look a million times already, so I didnt elaborate much, but if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask in the comments.
I applied Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden all over the lid. On a flat shader brush I applied Sidecar from the Naked palette all over the lid. On a blending brush I washed some Naked through the crease.

For a highlight in the inner corner and under the brow i used Blanc Type from Mac and with an angled brush and a matte black I deepened the lashline.

Now for the individuals. This is one of those things that is easier to do on somebody else, but its very fittery work either way so patience is a must. Why would you bother tootering about with individuals when you can stick on a strip and be done in 4 minutes you ask? With individuals, you get a much more natural look and it doesnt weigh the eye down. The point is not to have the lashes as the main focus, but to make it look as though your own are amazing. I used Ardell Shorts.

I like to apply mascara beforehand which I did do but I dont know now what happened to the picture of just mascara on, but nevermind. I used Clinique High Impact. This is a personal thing I think, you can do it either way. I prefer applying mascara beforehand because I feel like i wont be able to coat my own lashes properly with the individuals on, and my lashes arent black by any means so it would look strange.
I squeeze out a little bit of lashglue (I used my DUO, don't use anything stronger if you're not sure what you're doing) on the back of my hand and then gently pull the lash from the box with tweezers.

I dipped the end of the lash into the glue. I dont wait like I would with a strip lash, as I like to use the time to move the lash about if I need to.

I like to start at the outer corner , dropping the lash on top of the existing lash at a flattering angle. The nice thing about these is too is that you can layer them without looking too obvious.

I repeat this process until I'm happy. This is with the whole eye done and as you can see it doesnt make a dramatic difference.

I did a generous coat of High Impact through the added lashes to marry them in with my own.

Catrice Ultimate Colour Lipstick in 160 Tell Me A Berry-Tale and GOSH Light'n'Shine Lip Glaze in 103.

And tada! I did my hair in GHD curls and pinned them up to cool to create a more barrel-curl look. If you'd be intrested in seeing how to do this let me know (it's been ages since I did a hir tut).

Is everyone all set for Christmas? Much Love xxx


  1. Very pretty =) Love the bright lips!

  2. This is so pretty!Love the berry lip!

  3. Very nice! Uber glossy pout...Love it! Thanks for sharing :)


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