Thursday, 3 November 2011

Neutral Elevated Eyes

Hi Everyone! I know, I know, I've been a bad Bad blogger... I swear I havent been neglecting my blog, I've just been so damn busy that even showering has taken a back seat (lol joking joking). Plus I really havent been very inspired lately to do any specific look, so I'm just kind of making today's tutorial up as I go along.
What did everyone do for Halloween? I wish I had pictures to show you (why oh why did I not bring my own camera?) but I'll post about it when I get the pics. So onto the tutorial! :)
I'm going to get my hair done today, and I wanted to do something simple and quick but something that I wouldn't mind staring at for 2 hours haha. As with all my looks, you on't have to use these exact colours, I chose these because I know they suit me. You can use whatever colours you like, purples, greens, navys, anything. As per usual, I primed my lid with urban Decay Primer Potion and filled in my brows with Catrice eyeshadow Starlight Espresso and an angled brush.

On a fluffy brush I did a light wash of Brule by Mac all over the lid.

On a blending brush I took Smog by uD (sorry forgot to take pic) and applied it to the lashline and out in a winged shape. The idea here is that you can achieve that elevated look without winged liner in sight.

On the same brush I took a little bit of Buck and used this to blend around the edges of Smog to soften it a little. I also took this colour underneath the lower lashes.

Next, on a tapered crease brush and a bit of Darkhorse, I deepened the outer corner and blended.

I useVirgin as a highlight in the inner tearduct and the tootsiest bit under the brow (we're not on dancing on ice).

Now you just need to dig out the most volumising mascara you have and apply as many coats as youcan without clumping! Et Voila! Simples!

Much Love xxx


  1. Good tutorial! Lovely look! hope the hair turned out nice :)

  2. Emma C - thanks hun, hair turned out great, i love it :)


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