Friday, 11 November 2011

Midnight Blues

Hi Everyone! I was asked to do a midnight blue eye look, and I was so excited to do it because although it doesn't really suit me very well having blue eyes, but I love a dramatic blue eye look. My pictures today turned out uttrly crap, its really dark out so I didnt have good daylight and the pics are all dim and blurry, but I hope the tutorial is still followable (is that a word?) despite the shit pics. Enjoy!

I began by applying urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden all over the lid and under the lower lashline.

To create a dark base for the blue shadow, I applied Catrice Precision Eye Pencil in Blackstreet Boy (black) on the lid, leaving out the inner corner. I smudged this out with my ringfinger and applied and smudged some through the lower lashes also.

On a flat shader brush I took the shimmery dark blue from my Bed Head 4Play quad in Drama Quen and packed this all over where I put the black base, including uner the lower lashline.

I blended out the edges with a big fluffy brush but to tidy up and to blend further I used Brule by Mac.

To add an inner corner highlight I took a small shader brus and the frosty pink from the same palette I used before.

Next, on an angled brush I darkened up the lashline using a shimmery black eyeshadow.

I used the same pencil liner as before to line my lower and upper waterlines and I used Rimmel Glam'Eyes Liquid Liner to create a very thin line on the top lashline.

I used IsaDora Vibralash Mascara and applied these massive SalonSystem lashes et voila!

Much Love xx


  1. You have some serious skills managing to make blue eyeshadow look nice, this is beautiful! And making me want to dig out some old blue colours I have. :)


  2. You have the BEST make up tutorials! seriously! they're so descriptive and easy to follow. love your posts on too! :)

  3. Emma C - thanks hun! I love doing the posts for, they always come out nice and professional looking lol. Im trying to think of celebrity looks to do for them, so if you have any ideas let me know!

    Sarah - Blue is one of those colours that seems like a good idea to wear but normally ends up looking a bit 80's doesnt it? :P

  4. For a celeb look... I am loving Olivia Wilde's look. she has managed to pull off some odd looks, but I think its cos her eyes are such an odd colour....

  5. yes, you really have some skill

    following you

    hope we can follow each other


  6. Those lashes are beautiful, great tutorial :)

  7. this is gorgeous :) thanks a million. Gonna test drive this on the weekend :)

    How do you get your foundation so even and dewy??


  8. galupyhorsey - I swear Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation is the best I've tried, it gives just the right amount of coverage and the glowy dewy finish. And shitloads of highlighter helps too :P

  9. Sinisilmäsenä +tummat silmänaluset, niin huomaan kummasti vältteleväni sinisiä ja liiloja meikissä, mutta kynsilakkoja löytyykin miljoonia sinisinä ja liiloina :D Ehkä joku päivä pitäis ottaa aikaa ja alkaa vähän leikkimään, niin kuin joskus pienenä :) Mutta sä oot niin taitava näitten meikkine kanssa, et ihan kateelliseks tulee :D

  10. Gorgeous look, I love the false eyelashes!


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