Sunday, 6 November 2011

EOTD & Kitty Cat

Hi Everyone! For once, I'm not hungover on a Sunday and I decided to take advantage and do something productive. Such as do a blog post. This isnt anything special or creative, but it's a really simple look and its one of my favourite to do in a hurry. All you need is a steely-metallic eyeshadow and a light warm-toned brown. I used Gunmetal and Buck from my Naked Palette (and also a little bit of my bronzer as Buck wasnt warm enough), a black pencil liner and some mascara. I really need to get more eyeshadows. Hands up if you're sick of me using the Naked Palette.

My cat Tigger was pullng some shapes last night too, he was so funny!

Wish you all a great week! Much Love xx


  1. Wow, looks stunning. I love the combination of the warm and cool tones. Definitely inspired to give that a whirl :)

  2. I love this.. very glam! espesh with that lovely hair xx

  3. "For once, I'm not hung over on a Sunday..." LOL I feel your pain in that department, it's always great to not be totally out of commission after Saturday night. Nice look, by the way.


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