Sunday, 2 October 2011

NOTD - Essence Mani

Hi Everyone, I have yet another NOTD post (I promise more exciting posts will be coming up in the near future). This happens to be one of my favourite things to do with my nails for going out, give it a go! :)

I applied a basecoat first of all, and then two coats of Essence #55 Let's Get Lost. I love this blue, i has a gorgeous creamy finish, it dries supefast and you can definitely get away with just one coat if you're in a hurry.

Next to add some texture, I applied a coat of Essence Glitter Topcoat. This step is completely optional, as the mani looks gnarly without it too!

And last I did the french tips with Essence #20 Fatal. And a quickdry topcoat et voila! Fun bold nails! I apologise for my crappy photography today I dont know what happened :P) And just in case you're wondering, I am not sponsored by Essence or anything, Im just a huge fan of cheapo fun polish :)

Much Love xxx

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  1. Awesome look! The aqua blue alone was gorgeous enough, the black french tips is a great add on.


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