Thursday, 6 October 2011

I got the blues...

Hi everyone, another blue tutorial today :) I honestly did not know what I was going to do when I started this so there's definitely some things I would have changed, but hey! Its all for fun!

To start, I applied UDPP in Eden all over the lid with my ringfinger and under the lower lashline too.

Next, I took this amazing sky blue dustpot by Collection 2000 (its called Spellbound) and packed it onto the lid, just past the crease.

Then, to darken up the crease I used this Barry M Dazzledust #22. Turns out its one of those steps that can probably be skipped.

Next, I went over that same crease area with Mac eyeshadow Print, winging it out and blending towards the brow. I also took this underneath the lower lashline and winged out, leaving a gap between the top and bottom (this is really hard to explain :P)

On the same crease brush, I took a bit of Catrice eyeshadow in The Captain of the Black Pearl (Creep from UD would do, or Black Tied by Mac) and darkened up the crease, making it more cut-like. I also took this under the lower lashline with an angled brush.

To further help blend out the gray, I applied Blanc Type to the browbone and Brule further down on top of the gray. I also used Virgin from Urban Decay as an inner corner highlight.

I lined my lower and upper waterline with L'oreal Kohl Eyeliner in Black and used Rimmel Glam'Eyes Liquid Liner on top.

Bourjois Volume Clubbing Mascara.

Eyebrows with Catrice eyeshadow in Starlight Espresso & Ardell Whispies Lashes (my favourite).

OCC Lip Tar in Femme (LOOOVE) and Bourjois 3D Effect Lipgloss in #61 Rose Acidule.

I did a light dusting of a purple eyeshadow through the grey to give it a pop.

Much Love xxx


  1. Love it! Those contacts are crazy!

  2. Is there a purple in there too? Looks lovely xx

  3. Great tutorial, the blending of your eyeshadows looks flawless. The contacts are pretty cool!

  4. Hello, I have just recently discovered your blog and I like it a lot. I started reading it and I just got to this post.
    I was thinking of buying some OCC lip tars and I noticed that you are wearing Femme in this photo and it looks pretty subtle.
    I was going to buy it however when I saw some swatches on the web I felt it would be too "over the top", too intense and even neon. Would you say your photo is realistic?

  5. Beauty cutie - The colour looks a lot more subtle because I have the nude gloss on top, so the colour is altered dramatically. I'd still wear Femme any time of day, its absolutely beautiful :)


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