Sunday, 16 October 2011

Brown Defined Eyes Tuorial

Hi Everyone! I have a quick tutorial for you today! I found myself wearing this look to work all this week (minus the lashes) and got many complements, so I figured it woud be a good one to share. This is very similar to the Nina Dobrev/Elena Gilbert look I did a while ago, but if you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that I love nothing better than a good aul neutral eye. Now, as I mentioned before, I wore this to work but if blending shadows in the morning doesnt appeal to you this look can of course also be worn in the evening :) Let's get started!

First of all I filled in my brows wit Catrice Eyeshadow in Starlight Espresso and applied urban Decay Primer Potion all over the lid. Then on a big flufy brush I did a light wash of Brule by Mac all over the lid, up as far as the brow and under the lashes too.

Next, taking Naked eyeshadow from the uD palette on a blending brush, I applied this in the crease rather liberally, blending well.

On the same brush I took a slightly deeper brown, Buck, from the same palette, and applied this on top of Naked, but concentrating the colour lower down, not blending it as high.

Now with a tapered crease brush, I took Handwritten by Mac and applied it to the outer corner in a distinct C-shape like so.

Gradually blend and build up the colour until youachieve the depth you want and until there are no harsh lines (or lines of any sort) and everything marries smoothly into each other.

After this, with the same colour and same brush, take it under the lower lashline softly.

On a short stuby brush, I took a little bit of Blanc Type by Mac under the brow and in the inner corner.

Next, I used Catrice Gel Liner in Black and a Crown angled brush to line my top lashline and tightline also.

On the waterline you can use any colour, I used Whisky from urban Decay (a light brown) and a coat of Bourois Volume Clubing Mascara in ultra black.

Ardell Wispies et voila! Adding lashes is of course completely optional.

What I used on my skin to create a fresh, dewy look.

I hope you like this, and welcome to all new followers! :) Much Love xxx


  1. I love it! You have very pretty eyes.

  2. WONDERFUL! Seriously, this makeup is lovely and makes you look like a princess

  3. hi would you be able to show us how do fill in ur eyebrows, as when i do my it always looks very false.. thanks xx

  4. Oh wow, this looks absolutely gorgeous and natural, love it! The lashes are amazing x

  5. kkxx - Hi, I must do a post just on that! Thanks for the suggestion, theyre always welcome :) take care x

  6. Great tutorial! can't wait to try it :) x

  7. hi whats a tightline??
    Loving the looks btw!

  8. eileenf99 - tightlining is applying a pencil or gel liner on the upper waterline uder your top lashes if that makes sense :)

  9. Amaizng! Would help me to find similar eyeshadow colors (Naked and Buck) in MAC? That would make me very happy!

    1. Lisa Maria- A similar shade to Naked is Kid by Mac, not sure about Buck however... Ill let you know if I come across one! :)


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