Wednesday, 28 September 2011

NOTD - Catrice "Lucky in Lilac"

Another pointless Nail of the Day post, this time it's Catrice #130 "Lucky in Lilac". Its a lovely creamy-finish standard purple, this is 2 coats. Of all nail colours, blues are my favourite. I love all blues, aqua, minty, royal, shimmey, creamy I love them all. But my nails have started to take on a funky green tint from the blue pigments staining through, so I figured I should start wearing something else for a while. So Im going to start building my purple collection, starting with this. The only thing about Catrice polishes it that they (from what I've experienced) dont last more than a day, so theyre great for doing your nails just for the night, but sadly, thats about as much wear as youll get before it chips. xxxx

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  1. Ihana blogi! :) Täytyy sanoa, että oot lahjakas ja kiva nähdä, että oot päässy pitkälle!

    Terkuin Isonen, jos vielä muistat :)


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