Thursday, 1 September 2011

Mini Haul- Yankee Candle, Catrice & A Moustache Ring...

Hello Girlies! Hope everyones doing well! Just thought I'd do a little haul post, since I havent done one in a while and Im quite excited about one of my finds :)
One of the local gift shops are trying to get rid of their Yankee Candle stand, so I was more than happy to help clear the shelves, I got a lovely White Chocolate & Mint candle for my friends birthday, and grabbed this beauty for myself! Its the Sun and Sand scented one, it smells like (good smelling) sunscreen, holidays and it has a hint of ocean freshness. This will help me face the autumn and get over the fact that we didnt technically have a sumer. Oh and did I mention I got this for 9 euro?

Next, we headed over to the pharmacy and they got a new make-up stand in! I've never heard of Catrice before, but the girl said that it was a bit like Essence (whose nail polishes I love) but better quality. I cant say yet, as I've only swatched the products so far, but Ill definitely let you know soon! I picked u this lovely creamy textured khaki green polish for a whole 1.99, swatches coming tomorrow :) Its called 500 Sir! Yes, Sir!. I also picked up the lighter coloured Essence Holographics polish, swatch also coming tomorrow :)

I then picked two eyeshadows from Catrice at 3.29 each. I thought this matte grey-taupe will be great for eyebrows (yet to find out whether it is or not) and for blending shadows out/ a transition colour.

And here's the thing I said I was excited about. I may have found an exact dupe for MAC's Club eyeshadow. This is Catrice 410 C'mon Chameleon! The ONLY difference I can see is that C'C has ever so slightly stronger green specks in it. Thats it. Oh and it costs 3.29 as opposed to Club which was 11.50. Amazing Much? The base I used was urban Decay Primer Potion. Oh and if Im like the last person on earth thats realised these shadows are alike, please let me know! :D

Oh and I got a handlebar moustache ring :) Ive wanted one for AGES and found this on ebay. If you know anyone who sells funky jewellery, let me know! Anything similar to

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  1. I love the eyeshadows. And the ring is just cute!


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