Monday, 26 September 2011

My Little Microdermal

Hello Everyone, I thought I'd show you something I got done about 3 weeks ago, which is a microdermal implant on my nape. Its been almost 2 years since I last got a piercing and I got the opportunity to try this out and on a whim decided to go for it. It wasnt painful, and to tell you the truth, its probably the easiest piercing I've ever had, as in no awkward healing phase, I can sleep on it and its not tender to touch like almost anything Ive ever got before (which is pretty much everything.). So I hope Im not totally jinxing myself now by saying this, but so far so good.
Of course the whole growing into the skin and having to cut it out to remove it stuff is kinda weird and scary, but I shall not worry about that until the time coes, if it comes. Would I get more of these? Absolutely. I think it would look cute to have a couple going vertically down from where mine is. We'll see.

Apologies for the awkward looking photo, I had nobody here to help me take it :(

here's what the jewellery looks like:

Scary huh?

From :

Microdermal piercings are semi permanent body piercings. You will also hear them referred to as dermal anchoring or microdermal implants.
Microdermals look pleasing and aesthetic and are rapidly becoming very popular. They are considered a cool alternative to surface body piercing because they are semi permanent . They are quick and convenient.

The technique and size is also so easy that you can have it done practically anywhere on your body. No special tools are required and the procedure is less invasive than an implant. The process is also more comfortable compared to the transdermal or sub dermal implants.

What Does The Process Of Microdermal Piercing Involve?

This basically involves a single piercing on the body where only the one part of the jewelry is visible on the skin’s surface. The other part is just under the skin, held in place by a titanium plate, which has many holes in it so that the tissue may grow through it, nicely anchoring your jewelry. To avoid any risks of rejection steel is usually not used.

The piercer usually cleans and marks the area to be pierced. The part to be pierced is pinched up and a 1.5 dermal punch is deftly inserted into the skin, straight down. After the hole is made, the piercer fixes the microdermal quickly. The whole thing barely takes an hour right from the time you arrive at the piercer to the time you are through! ;-)

Even though the titanium plate stays under your skin once you get the microdermal piercing done, you can change the visible part of this jewelry after a couple of months.

Whaddya think? Have you got a microdermal anywhere? How did you find the healing process etc?


  1. I don't know why but microdermal piercings tend to scare me wayyyy more than "normal" piercings ahah! Yours look sooo cute x

  2. Love it.
    Took my surface neck piercing out after repeated infections.. Two years after getting it done. Was sooo sorry to see it go


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