Friday, 5 August 2011

Quickie Review: Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Cream Wash

Hello everyone! I thought I'd do a quick review on this cleanser I've been using recently, because I just realised I havent had any spots since I started using it, but more on that later.
So I was out of my usual Nivea Young cleanser (which I used to swear by) and they didnt have it in my local pharmacy (this may sound shocking but such is the life in rural Ireland. You cant always get what you want) so I thought I'd be brave and try something completely new. I swear I havent used other cleansers since I discovered Nivea Young like 4 years ago. So this was quite a plunge! I was attracted to the Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Wash for 3 reasons: Price, Packaging and scent. I cant remember the exact price of it but it was in around €6, which I think is rather inexpensive for something as important as a basic everyday cleanser. Neutrogena is a brand that I really am not familiar with but I must try out moe of their products, I was so impressed with this one. I love cute packaging and obviously this is pink and white and I like the squeezy type container. And lastly, the smell of the product is lovely! Its so refreshing in the morning, it really helps wake me up!
I've been using this now for about 9 weeks or so, every morning and twice at night (to take my make up off and then to actually cleanse the skin itself.) This is a anti-blemish cleanser, preventing spots and blackheads whilst not over-drying the skin. I wouldnt have bad skin anyway, my skin type is normal, if not slighlty sensitive. However, I always always without fail get a spot come my time of the month. Just one spot, once a month, for years. It could be worse. But my spots always pop up in the most frustrating places like my eyebrows, or the tip of my nose or on the apple of the cheek on the right hand side. My monthly visitors have not visited for the past two months. And I think its thiscleanser because its the only thing that I have changed about my routine. Now Im not saying that you're going to get the same result, but if youre on the lookout for a nice, luxurios but cheap, basic cleanser, do give this a try! And if it doesnt work for you, it's not gonna break the bank at €6!
Oh and one last thing, I know that the picture shows the scrub from the same line (which im going to have to try), I couldnt find a picture of the cream wash, but the packaging is identical. I wouldve shown you my bottle, but its almost midnight and its not the best light to be taking photos in... I really should be heading for bed, but I couldnt be more awake! I dont think Ive written this much in a post in about 4 months.. Right, thats enough rambling. Night night! x

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