Wednesday, 3 August 2011

HOTD: Chunky/messy Side-Braid.

Hello Everyone! Long time no hair tut. Im going to apologise in advance about these photos, theyre showing my hair as light ginger but I promise you, its blonde. And also, this isnt going to demonstrate how to plait, seeing as I had no-one to help me with photos and there is only so much I can do with one hand, so... Anywhoo, I've been wearing my hair like this to work and out and everywhere recently, and I find it very adaptable, its not too dressy (it can however be dressed up by adding accessories or adding a few curls) and not too plain either (it looks better the more undone it becomes).

So I started off by brushing through my hair and extensions and putting the extensions in. For this look your hair needs to be past shoulder length, in fact, the longer and thicker your hair the better, however, if you have long hair thats on the finer side, thats ok too. My hair is just about creeping past my shoulders (finally!) so I wanted to add extra length. For those of you who would wear extensions too, I placed all of mine on the side that I want the braid on, so none were placed on the side being swept back.

I gathered all my hair just below my ear. This is where I want the braid to start. Make sure you dont start the braid too close to the head, we dont want to look like a 6 year old, the looser and carefree-er (?) the braid, the cooler it looks.

Braid the hair not too loosely and leave about 2 inches free at the bottom and tie the braid with a rubber band.

After this you want to loosen the braid up as muchor as little as you like! Because I have the extensions in, my natural hair will try to escape the braid (and it does after about an hour) so I only loosen the end bit of the plait as the rest will do its own thing in no time. When I went out with this, I added in a clip-in rose at the base(start) of the braid and you could also dress up the loose stards of hair to make this style look more "done". I prefer it carefree like this.

I know braids and plaits have been in for the last couple of years and theyre not really new to anyone but I predict no end to the trend especially with The Hunger Games coming out next spring, these will be hot next summer too. What do you think of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss? My heart was broke after I heard the news, but these promo shots did in a way heal it a little, however, I still think that looks-wise there are way more suitable actresses out there. Will she pull it off?

And last but not least, here's Tigger (or Shaniqua, as my brother-in-law renamed him) now 8 weeks old! :)

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