Friday, 17 June 2011

Debs Make-Up Trials & Kittens

Hello Ladies, hope you're all doing well..! My friend Sinead and her friend Ciara came over last night to do a trial run of their debs (or prom, formals, whatever you call them).
Ths is Ciara, we went for a Cheryl Cole inspired smokey eye, she has the most amazing eyelashes, but we put on a pair of fake ones just because she'd never tried them before.

Sinead wanted a 1920's inspired smokey eye, so I tried to incorporate that into her look, but keeping things like her natural brow shape etc.

And here's the kittens, 10 days old! They opened their eyes abut an hour after taking these photos, so cute :)


  1. Makeup is beautiful, especially the 1st look.

    And the kittens! Awww!

  2. I really love the lipstick in the second look! The kittens are so sweet!


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