Sunday, 1 May 2011

Ladies Who Lunch 30.04.11

I had the pleasure of doing Lisa Cannon's make-up yesterday for a charity fundraiser in Donegal, which was very fun and exciting for me and my brother-in-law who did a fab job on her hair. I'll have more photos coming up and a tutorial on her look as well. She was very down to earth and lovely and I just wanted to share my excitement! Yay! Must keep packing now, hope everyones enjoyig this great weather! xx

Dora the Explorer

Hey guys, so I havent done a Pandora post in a long time, but something happened yesterday that definitely deserved to be posted about. Normally Dora sleeps outside in her little hut/pen/furry house thing that we built, but she's been bunking inside with us because her home has been invaded... by a neighbourhood cat... that decided to plant herself in Panda's bed and have KITTENS in it. So now Dora will go nowhere near her house, wont eat out of her food bolw and just wants to stay inside with us.

The two day old kittens are incredibly cute monkey faced little fluffy bundles, but my mother in law cant have 5 cats running around her back garden so today I'll be finding out who owns the mammy cat. There is a gorgeous tiger kitty in the litter, that I've fallen in love with and will hopefully keep when she's old enough and I will call her Tigger. And here's Pandora having her beauty nap :) Much Love xxx