Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The Soap Box & Messyness

I'd like to apologise for the absense of posts this week, I've been super busy with working, award ceremonies, working, going out, being hungover, and em working. I really havent had the time or energy to post but Im back now :).
I was dandering around the local farmer's market on my lunch break on Saturday and came accross these amazing handmade natural soaps . I picked up a wood scented bar of soap, it smelt amazing (like pine cones, needles and leaved coated in sugar) and looked like a slice of cake!

The brand is The Soap Box ( and they make all their soaps from natural ingredients and oils and contain no detergents or ingredients like sodiun laireth sulfate (cheap way of getting products to lather) which is great for someone like me with super sensitive dermaitis ridden (eugh) hands. Then I decided to be selfless and gave the soap to my stepmum on Sunday because I hadnt got her anything else and didnt have the money to get 2 soaps (although they only cost 4.50 euro each) but I thought I'd just order one on the website. Which turns out to be under construction. Grrr. So if youre intrested in these soaps, keep an eye out for the website, I have no idea when it will be up and running again, however they do still have a lot of info about the products etc.

And this is the type of weekend I had... Why do I bring a camera out to document the loserness and the why do I post the photos on my facebook and blog for everyone to see..??

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  1. Love the last photo! I love going out and taking photos of everyone being a HOT MESS!


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