Sunday, 24 April 2011

Blue & Magenta Tutorial

Here's how I did the look in my previous post, keep in mind that I was just going to play around and didnt know what I was going to do next but I took photos anyway, just in case it turned out to be something worth showing. I used a nameless 88 plaette thing for a lot of the colours so Im sorry I cant give you specific names but if youre going to replicate this you can use whatever colours you like! Anyway, hope everyones had a great easter and arent hungover like I am (again) haha. Much Love xxx
I did a strong brow using Brown Down from Mac and applied Urban Decay Primer Potion.

I applied Stila Smudge Pot in Cobalt on the inner part of my lid, not worrying about blending.

From a nameless 88 cheapo palette I took a bright shimmery blue and packed it on top of Cobalt, blending out the edges.

I then took a similar toned but lighter blue to blend towards the nose and fade the blue out nicely.

From the same palette I took a matte bluey pink magenta colour and applied it to the outer half of the lid, making a winged shape and blending with the blue. I also took this to meet the blue underneath the lower lashline.

I applied Gosh Kohl Liner in White on the waterline and for the inner corner and brow highlight I used a shimmery white from my Bed Head Quad in Drama Queen.

I used Calvin Klein Gel liner to do a thick winged liner and added Collection 2000 Big Fake Lash mascara (which is drying out already).

I put on Ardell Demi Whispies.

And on top I put on these crazy purple and pink rhinestone lashes that I got on ebay years ago and never had a use for. Ipretty much based this look around the eyelashes, as they were going to be the main focus but as you can see they somehow arent.

I then applied a third set of lashes underneath, these are also from ebay and they were also purple :) I wouldve made more of an effort on the underneath part of my eyes but I didnt know what I was doing at all so it looks a bit gammy but just ignore that.

Add some rhinestones and OCC Anime and Voila! All done!


  1. I'm so glad you posted the tutorial for this! The lashes absolutely make it.

    Amazing as ever! And thank you so much for the comment on my YT video! :) xx


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