Monday, 25 April 2011

Beauty Inspo: Nina Dobrev/Elena Gilbert

Hello Girlies! Hope everyone enjoyed Easter and had a great weekend. I've been catching up on the second series of Vampire Diaries like crazy last week and now I have no more episodes to watch, I found an outlet for my obsession with the series by doing an inspired look :) Nina Dobrev who plays the lead character Elena Gilbert and also the doppelganger evil vamp Katherine Pierce, in my opinion is one of the most beautiful girls on TV. I think my girlcrush is mostly based on the fact that she is physically the complete polar opposite of me, so of course I wish I looked like her haha. Anywhoo, on with the look, enjoy xx

As usual I started off with UDPP all over the lid and I filled my brows in with Brown Down.

From my Naked palette, I packed on Naked on the lid, not going past the crease.

I then took Buck and put this in the crease with a pencil brush, making a fairly harsh line, as you want a really defined crease. Then n a blending brush with a tiny bit of Naked on it, I blended Buck, but carefully so it didnt go too high.

With an angled brush I applied Brown Down at quite a sharp angle on the outer corner so it met up with Buck. Using a tapered blending brush and a little more Brown Down I blended this harsh angle in towards Naked.

I used Low Profile from Benefit to blend on the browbone and inner corner and also added a little bit of Blanc Type from Mac to add a tiny bit of highlight. Elena's look is all matte colours on the eyes.

I placed a matte black just at the lashline so that I have a very soft line that didnt look like eyeliner, if that makes sense. I also took Brown Down very lightly on the lower lashline as Nina doesnt wear anything on the bottom, but my lashes arent as lushious as hers, so I needed something to balance out the smokeyness on top.

Last, I put on 3 coats of Loreal Volume Million Lash mascara, but JUST ON TOP lashes.

The closest thing I have to Nina's beautiful brown eyes is these freaky flat black ones, and to go all out I stuck in my extensions and did a middle parting even though Im going absolutely nowhere today, but sure why not.

What's your favourite, can't live without, withdrawal-producing TV show?


  1. Very pretty I like Nina and I love this show I still have 5 episoDES to watch to catch up to Vd!I love this show!great post!following ur blog(:

  2. Looks amazing! Talented as always! :D

  3. I LOVE Elena Gilbert/and Nina Dobrev's look! Although I'd add Nina wears white eyeliner on the bottom water line. Also, if you'd wanted to go up and beyond, she also wears individual lashes. I can't wait to try this out! :)

    1. Yeah youre right, I might do an updated version of this look, because her make-up has changed over the last few series :)

  4. I love Nina dobrev <333
    Can't wait to try this tutorial :)
    Greets from germany :)
    and sorry for my english :'D

  5. Your so pretty


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