Monday, 25 April 2011

Thank You

I thought that I'd take a few minutes just to say thank you to all of you who read my blog and comment on my posts and support me in general. I now have 80 (!!!) followers and I'm just over the moon. I really appreciate every single comment and everytime a new person starts following this blog my heart speeds up with excitement. Me and Chris are moving to a new house (again) this week so I probably wont be posting for just a few days. But whenever we get everything sorted and get settled, I will start getting a few things together for a little giveaway. I wont make you answer questions and do posts on your own blog for it, I will literally pull a name out of a hat because that's how I won Pixiwoo's first christmas giveaway last year, and I just want to give a little back. So thanks everyone, much love xx

Beauty Inspo: Nina Dobrev/Elena Gilbert

Hello Girlies! Hope everyone enjoyed Easter and had a great weekend. I've been catching up on the second series of Vampire Diaries like crazy last week and now I have no more episodes to watch, I found an outlet for my obsession with the series by doing an inspired look :) Nina Dobrev who plays the lead character Elena Gilbert and also the doppelganger evil vamp Katherine Pierce, in my opinion is one of the most beautiful girls on TV. I think my girlcrush is mostly based on the fact that she is physically the complete polar opposite of me, so of course I wish I looked like her haha. Anywhoo, on with the look, enjoy xx

As usual I started off with UDPP all over the lid and I filled my brows in with Brown Down.

From my Naked palette, I packed on Naked on the lid, not going past the crease.

I then took Buck and put this in the crease with a pencil brush, making a fairly harsh line, as you want a really defined crease. Then n a blending brush with a tiny bit of Naked on it, I blended Buck, but carefully so it didnt go too high.

With an angled brush I applied Brown Down at quite a sharp angle on the outer corner so it met up with Buck. Using a tapered blending brush and a little more Brown Down I blended this harsh angle in towards Naked.

I used Low Profile from Benefit to blend on the browbone and inner corner and also added a little bit of Blanc Type from Mac to add a tiny bit of highlight. Elena's look is all matte colours on the eyes.

I placed a matte black just at the lashline so that I have a very soft line that didnt look like eyeliner, if that makes sense. I also took Brown Down very lightly on the lower lashline as Nina doesnt wear anything on the bottom, but my lashes arent as lushious as hers, so I needed something to balance out the smokeyness on top.

Last, I put on 3 coats of Loreal Volume Million Lash mascara, but JUST ON TOP lashes.

The closest thing I have to Nina's beautiful brown eyes is these freaky flat black ones, and to go all out I stuck in my extensions and did a middle parting even though Im going absolutely nowhere today, but sure why not.

What's your favourite, can't live without, withdrawal-producing TV show?

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Blue & Magenta Tutorial

Here's how I did the look in my previous post, keep in mind that I was just going to play around and didnt know what I was going to do next but I took photos anyway, just in case it turned out to be something worth showing. I used a nameless 88 plaette thing for a lot of the colours so Im sorry I cant give you specific names but if youre going to replicate this you can use whatever colours you like! Anyway, hope everyones had a great easter and arent hungover like I am (again) haha. Much Love xxx
I did a strong brow using Brown Down from Mac and applied Urban Decay Primer Potion.

I applied Stila Smudge Pot in Cobalt on the inner part of my lid, not worrying about blending.

From a nameless 88 cheapo palette I took a bright shimmery blue and packed it on top of Cobalt, blending out the edges.

I then took a similar toned but lighter blue to blend towards the nose and fade the blue out nicely.

From the same palette I took a matte bluey pink magenta colour and applied it to the outer half of the lid, making a winged shape and blending with the blue. I also took this to meet the blue underneath the lower lashline.

I applied Gosh Kohl Liner in White on the waterline and for the inner corner and brow highlight I used a shimmery white from my Bed Head Quad in Drama Queen.

I used Calvin Klein Gel liner to do a thick winged liner and added Collection 2000 Big Fake Lash mascara (which is drying out already).

I put on Ardell Demi Whispies.

And on top I put on these crazy purple and pink rhinestone lashes that I got on ebay years ago and never had a use for. Ipretty much based this look around the eyelashes, as they were going to be the main focus but as you can see they somehow arent.

I then applied a third set of lashes underneath, these are also from ebay and they were also purple :) I wouldve made more of an effort on the underneath part of my eyes but I didnt know what I was doing at all so it looks a bit gammy but just ignore that.

Add some rhinestones and OCC Anime and Voila! All done!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Blue & Magenta Fairy Make-Up

Hello Ladies, again I was bored so I started playing around and ended up looking like this :) I did take pics along the way as I was going to do a tutorial on ths but I dont see anyone wanting to copy this so why bother? If you have any quistions please dont hesitate to ask :) The contacts are from and they are the Funky Eyes Twilight Vampire contacts :) Much Love xx

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Gold & Bronze Sultry Smokey Eyes

Hello Lovelies, I havent done a tutorial in a while and the sun was out today after I was finished work so I decided to do a sexy smokey, almost runway-like makeup look for you. I hope you enjoy it x
I applied UDPP all over the lid

I did strong brows using Urban Decay Buck and a Stila dark matte brown.

I applied Benefit Creaseless Eye Cream Shadow in Birthday Suit right in the middle part of my lid as well as all through the browbone. I avoided the inner and outer corners.

The Birthday Suit colour wasnt as bright as I wanted the lid colour to be so I put Urban Decay Half-Baked on top, but left the browbone area alone.

I placed the Urban Decay colours Darkhorse and Hustle in the outer and inner corners and sharply through the crease. Using a blending brush I blended them out roughly, I didnt want this look to be perfect, more of an "accidentally sexy" eye.

I took the dark colours messily underneath the eye, liner my lower and upper waterline with Avon Supershock Gel liner and added Collection 2000 Big Fake Lash Mascara. In the inner corner I added a tiny bit of Toasted from Urban Decay.

Face: Bourjoix Healthy Mix Foundation #52
GOSH Liquid Highlighter on cheekbones, centre of nose, cupid's bow.
GOSH Bronzer in 02 Natural Glow to contour.
Nothing on lips.

I dont know how wearable this look is, but it was fun to do and its something different. If I was wearing ths out, I would probably use a matte colour for the dark colour to contrast with the bright gold even more.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Benefit Mini Haul

Hello Ladies, hope you all had a great weekend! I went shopping a couple of weeks back (same day I got my extensions, which I promise I will do a post about, I love them) and somehow found myself at the Benefit counter! How did that happen? I havent been too familiar with their products before, apart from a lipstick that a friend gave me as she didnt like the shade (which I lovelovelove). I picked up another lipstick of theirs, Shy, which is a beautiful creamy pinky nude. I also purchased the Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow in Birthday Suit but unfortunately they were out of stock that day. The girl who was helping me was so nice and told me that she only lives in the next town, a 20 minute drive and that she'd drop it in to me on her way home whenever the order came in. So I only walked away with the lipstick that day, and took pictures and swatches of it that evening and those pictures are on our other laptop which my boyfriend lent to a friend so I will do a separate post on Shy :) Im blabbering today. So the order came in about 5 days later but the girl was sick for another week or so, so it took ages to get my Birthday Suit, but today she dropped it in and I was so excited to see that she'd put in a few complimentary products, for taking so long! Yay! The reason I'm going to such detail with this little story is that I am just amazed at the customer service I've received from Benefit and I suspect a lot of it was down to having someone as lovely as the girl helping me go to such efforts to make sure a customer was happy. I will definitely go back for more ridiculously priced beautifully packaged great products :)

So here's Birthday Suit, its a metallic muted gold. The texture and consistecy of this is not what youd expect, i thought it would be almost like a gel liner consistency but its like butter, the product seems to melt when you dip your finger in it. Cant wait to use this in a look. And how adorable is the packaging?!

Next is a super cute sample sized Posie Tint, which is a very intresting product that I cant wait to play with, Ive never used anything like this before.

Another freebie was a full size eyeshadow in the colour Buckle Bunny, a shimmery peach colour.

And last sample product is a lipstick in the colour Ladie's Choice. Its the same creamy type of colour as Shy, and its the old traditional lipstck shape instead of the new flat top shaped ones which Im happy about. Its a nude light brown colour, I dont know how it shows up on the lips because mine are very sensitive at the minute and trying out lipsticks wouldnt help them :) or look very nice haha.

Swatches L-R: Shy, Ladie's Choice, Buckle Bunny, Birthday Suit, Posie Tint.

What do you think of Benefit? Ane bad experiences? Any good ones?