Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Post Book Depression - The Hunger Games

Hey Girls, so I finished the final Hunger Games book (Mockingjay) last night and I am SO sad that I devoured the series like I did, because now the story is over and I wanted it to go on and on. I got the same feeling after I finished the Twilight books (and Harry Potter), I wish there was more to read! I mean the series was so amazing, I want everyone I know to read it now and Im going to find out if there are any cool "extras" available online like on the Stephenie Mayer website.. If you know anything about such sites let me know! When I was googling for my image, I came accross all these videos saying that the series is going to be made into films, which for some reason makes me kind of mad. I just know theyre going to ruin the whole thing and turn into another phenomenon (I want people to read the books and and keep it in the secret good books club, not just going to see the film and saying its a pile of shit because films never go into enough detail and GRRRRR)

Now that Ive got some angry ramblings out of my system, I beg you to make me feel a little better and please recommend me something to read? A book that you cant put down. And if you have read and loved The Hunger Games, please join my ravings here, Id love to hear what you thought :) Much Love xxx


  1. I am in the same position right now searching for a book like the Hunger Games, to fill the void it left. I read all the books back to back like you for ever waking moment until finished, which I haven done in awhile, since the Dark Tower series by Stephen King. So I looked around and a lot of people were suggesting Divergence, so I downloaded it and am on chapter 10 now. It is very disappointing so far nothing of the emotional connection I had to the characters in the hunger games have even started yet, plus Im reading it a bit at a time which shows its not that great. Ill give it a bit longer however. The other book Im getting right now is Blood Red Road recommended gor post panam depression. Im starting it now will let you know how it goes.
    Im very interested to see what others are reading as a cure.....

  2. I just finished the three books this weekend and they were great. I still find myself thinking about them constantly, which sometimes makes me feel almost sick to where I can't eat. I've never had anything like this happen in a book or movie before. I hope that I can get over this soon because its really starting to take a toll on me.

    I'm happy how the books ended for the most part. It did seem a little rushed at the end but what can you do.

    Has the void of Panem left you yet or are you still stuck with it in your mind?

  3. Here was my solution: The Maze runner by James Dashner.

  4. Thanks :) actually just writing out how I've been feeling to others really helped a lot too

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I appreciate all your feedback, let me know what you think, make suggestions, ask questions, I'll try to reply to any queries :) Much Love xx