Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Local Chemist Mini Haul

Hello Lovelies! Hope everyones enjoying the great weather! I had to get a prescription today and they always take forever to process and what not, so I had about 10 minutes of dandering time and that always means picking this up that you dont necessarily NEED, but getting it anyway...

I picked up this Mavala 62 Milano polish because Im going through a kind of a granny nail phase and this is a sort of murky grape colour and I dont own anything like it so yeah!

Another polish I bought is from Gosh's new collection (I think its like their spring summer collection, i dont know, it might have been out for ages but its new in my chemist haha) it's a lovely nudey-peach colour called Miss Sweety. Cant wait to try this out! And isnt the packaging adorable?

GOSH Touch Up! Liquid Concealer in shade 2. Ive been using my Rimmel Concealer Stick for fricking YEARS now, and I dont even like it that much! I decdided after much deliberation that I'll give this a go because I like the packaging, its nice and hygienic and I feel like a liquid concealer will be less cakey that a stick one. I'll let you know how I get on :)

GOSH Liquid Highlighter also from the new collection, I got this because i prefer creamy highlighters as to powder ones, and Im afraid of using up my Mac Shell too quickly so this is for those days that i dont feel compelled to wear it haha. I swatched this on my hand and a little goes a LONG way! I love that it's in a pump form, less waste and its more hygienic than for example Shell which I automatically dip my finger in. Ill be reviewing this in more detail once I actually get to wear it :)

I've been running low on foundations in my kit and a couple of times now I've had a client in with really nice tan skin and I havent had a foundation dark enough! I've had to plaster them in bronzer, so I got the darkest shade available (Sable Sand), and its really quite nice when I swatched it. Too dark for me but it might be handy for contouring. I havent tried this foundation before but Ive heard great things about it so we'll find out soon :)

Last but not least, I picked up this Fake Bake instant tan in Shimmer Light (cos I like being shimmery, it makes me happy) because I always have a ghostly white face no matter how much fake tan I put on my body because my face gets a deep cleanse twice a day so no tan ever stays put. This will be handy for the face and neck AFTER cleansing because its instant. Cant wait to try it out!

Is everyone ready for Paddy's Day? Love xxx

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  1. I want all the GOSH stuff you got, the Miss Sweety polish has been out for a while, but that packaging is new! I love it!


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