Friday, 25 March 2011

Kandee, Yankee Candles and Other People's Rules

Evening Lovelies, after a long day at work I really couldnt be bothered with another make-up post, but theres a few things I want to share so jst be warned: this post is going to be quite random.
I got a couple of things from Yankee Candle the last day, my current obsession being scented candles, Im searching for my perfect scent. I have Fresh Cut Roses already, but I think it may be too grannyish. I got this Christmas Cookie housewarmer candle because, being out of season, it was on sale. (I apologise for not using my own fantastically photographed (not) photos, but I've already torn the labels off the little ones and burned a little bit of all of them)

I only burned it for about ten minutes so the scent didnt reach its full potential butthe scent of the candle wax is that of overwhelming vanilla and butter. Or sugar. It smells the way cookie dough tastes. Kind of sickening really. I burn this when I have a sweet craving because it puts you off it haha. Doens't make me feel christmasy at all.
Next I got a sampler of 'Sandalwood' which I presume smells like the title, which isn't that pleasant when you smell the candle, but when its lit, the aroma is really quite nice around the room. Considering getting the full size one.

And last I picked up Clean Cotton, which is a gorgeous fresh scent, it smells like freshly washed bedsheets and spring cleaning. Also considering getting full size.

I laughed when I saw this Ketchup in our kitchen, I mean what are the chances of a Ketchup having the same name as the lovely Ms Johnston?

I finished the book I was reading, Other People's Rules by Julia Hamilton, and I really liked it! Think 'Gossip Girl', but posher, richer and more sinister. Great read.
And this is what my beauty station looks like after Im finished with one of my make-up looks... Such a mess...

Have you any favourite candles? Any book recommendations? Anything funny in your kitchen? haha! Love xxx


  1. Ahh I wish we had those Yankee Candles here but the shipping are as high as $30, which is pretty crazy to me! I'm sorry you didn't like Christmas Cookie but these kinds of scents are right up my alley. I'm currently burning a Vailla Cookie candle from Wal-Mart, yummy (=

  2. If you can stretch to Diptique's prices, their candles are AMAZING - Baies is my absolute favourite :) I love the Bath & Bodyworks ones too, I wish we had their shops in the UK still!

    I've nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award by the way, there's a post about it over on my blog :) xx

  3. My favorite candles ever are slatkin and co from bath and body works. Just got two new ones this weekend!

  4. i dont like candles soo much ..coz i dont like fragrance that much..but i lie the unscented ones for the effect...soo boring , i

    u shud try the book just starting it myself and ive heard great things


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