Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Burnt Orange EOTD and the real Miley Cyrus!

Hello ladies, so this is the orangey look that I said I'd do today. Did some shopping today, oh it felt good. Plus I must have walked about 5 miles doing it. So this is what it looks like, I hope you like it :)

So as usual, I applied my UDPP. I decided to leave my foundation until I was finished applying the shadows because I knew there was going to be alot of fallout. Consequently I didnt fill in my brows til after because the foundation would mess them up so bear with the awful uneven browness.

So the colour I'm talking about is the burnt shimmery orange from a Revlon trio shadow, "Espresso Yourself" (haha). I packed it onto the lid, leaving out the inner and very outer corner.

I added Virgin from the Naked palette in the inner corner and blended it in with the orange.

I blended the orange out with Naked from the Naked palette.

I blended out Naked with Low Profile from Benefit, and added Blanc Type as a brow highlight.

I took the darkes colour from the Revlon trio and placed that in the outer corner, blendine into the crease and out in a sharp V. Also under the lower lashline.

I then lined my upper lashline with Gosh Black Ink and set it with Creep from the Naked palette. I also lined my waterline. At this stage I filled in my brows with Buck and Naked as usual.

Loreal Volume Millions mascara (which I threw out today, its time had come) and Voila!

I went to sallys and got myself some crazy extensions! They are amazing quality and come in strange strips, but Ill do a separate post on them later. I was goofing around with them this evening and realised that theyre half a shade too dark... I'll just go abit darker the next time Im getting my hair done but Im sickened because the lady in Sally's said that these were an exact match for my hair. hmmm...

Obviously they need to be cut and should be worn wavy, but I just felt so Miley-ish with them haha!
I was pleased to see that Penney's (Primark) had some decent stuff in!
Much Love and Miley-ness xxx


  1. Your eyes are beautiful!

  2. LOL I love the last picture! Also, I love burnt orange, it goes great with your eye colour!

  3. wow love it , nice blog .

  4. I love this burnt orange look! You are right, it really does look like the color orange was singed - cool!

  5. Again, your eyes are too mesmerizing. I'm soooo soooo jealoussss!! ^_*
    even with contact lens my eyes can never be like this. :(


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