Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Beauty Inspiration: Katy Perry

Hey Girls, hope everyones doing well! I figured it was time to do another Beauty Inspo, and since I mentioned Katy yesterday, I thought why not do it on her? She is amazing in my eyes because we know (thanks to Russel Brand and Twitter) that underneath the make-up shes fairly ordinary and doesnt have a top lip but she wears make-up beautifully and she's got the most enormous eyes and shes funny. What's not to love? Enjoy x

Here's my inspired look, a purple smokey eye with thick liner and first with nude lips and then with hot pink :) I didnt make a 100% effort and stick on lashes (which Katy ALWAYS does) but whatever... The nude colour is OCC Lip Tar in Hush

And the hot pink is Anime :)

If you want me to post the tutorial for this look, please just ask, I'm just too lazy to do it all in the one go haha. Much Love and girl perving xx


  1. Your eye make up is amazing!! Please post a tutorial :)


I appreciate all your feedback, let me know what you think, make suggestions, ask questions, I'll try to reply to any queries :) Much Love xx