Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Bathroom Essentials & Cleanser Review

I just want to show you what amazingly cheap things I picked up today. The miserable weather is back and I wanted to cheer myself up, even though I'm going shopping tomorrow anyway.. Oh well. I left the price tags on the products just so you could see how cheapo they were.
Nivea Young Clean Deeper Cleanser Scrub & Garnier Fresh Essentials Toner.

I've gone back yet again for this cleanser, I realise I cant live without it. I've been using another Nivea cleanser for the past couple of weeks and I just cant take it anymore. I'll talk more about that at the end of this post. I also just ran out of my Kaeso toner and its not very accessible so I picked this one out at completely random, but also because its reduced price :P Ill let you know what I think. Have you tried this toner? Any feedback?

Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Shampoo & Conditioner.

I nearly out of my beloved JOICO Reconstructing Shapoo, and it'll be a while before I can afford it again so I decided to test these two out in the meantime. Charles Worthington is good-ish right? And as you can see from the massive stickers, they were the price of a bar of chocolate. Again, I'll let you know how these compare :)

I saw this body scrub all alone on the shelf and with such cute packaging, how could I just leave him there all by himself? And the little Revlon eyeshadow trio thing was at the checkout, I hate when they do that! Sorry about all the flashes, but the shimmer shows really nicely with it. I was mainly drawn to the burnt orange colour in the middle. Ill do a look with that tmorrow :)

I found a new candle! This is the only item in this post not at reduced price, it's the Green Tea candle from Bomb Cosmetics. I love it! I started burning it the minute I got home and got the photo. I dont like green tea, but the smell of this is just that perfect balance of fragrance and freshness that I've been hunting for. Success. Hahah.

Now onto this mini - review, I got this cleanser about a month ago when I ran out of my usual one and they didnt have it in the shop. Its the Nivea Visage Gentle Cleansing Cream Wash, so I just grabbed it and figured since it was Nivea, it would be grand. I should've read the back of it. But even that wouldnt have prepared me for how useless this product is.

I expected so much more of this, the product does do what it says on the bottle, but I didnt think quite s literally. It doesnt claim to remove make-up (im sorry but what's the point of having a cleanser that doesnt remove make-up?) , just DIRT. Also it says not to use around the eyes (I have a habit using my cleanser to remove my eye make-up) and its claim is to: "gently purifies and smoothes for a soft-skin feeling." Which is what it does, it feels like your washing your face with moisturiser. I kept having to take my make-up off with a baby wipe and then cleanse with this, but my skin didnt feel anywhere near clean until after 3 washes. This would be good if you had super dry skin, and never wore make-up. But for anyone else, I dont know. I shouldve read the label before buying. What a disappointment.

Anywhoo, there will be another look tomorrow and hopefully some hair stuff since Im going shopping for extensions! Excitement! xxx Love

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  1. Wow, great bargains! I have used Garnier Fresh Essentials Toner in the past and loved it, it feelts very fresh and non-drying.

    I'm also always drawn to pretty packagings even though I don't need the product LOL!

    I also have a green tea scented candle in my room and I love it. When I got it, I was sceptical as green tea doesn't really smell anything to me, but I was surprised at how gorgeous the smell was!


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