Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Burnt Orange EOTD and the real Miley Cyrus!

Hello ladies, so this is the orangey look that I said I'd do today. Did some shopping today, oh it felt good. Plus I must have walked about 5 miles doing it. So this is what it looks like, I hope you like it :)

So as usual, I applied my UDPP. I decided to leave my foundation until I was finished applying the shadows because I knew there was going to be alot of fallout. Consequently I didnt fill in my brows til after because the foundation would mess them up so bear with the awful uneven browness.

So the colour I'm talking about is the burnt shimmery orange from a Revlon trio shadow, "Espresso Yourself" (haha). I packed it onto the lid, leaving out the inner and very outer corner.

I added Virgin from the Naked palette in the inner corner and blended it in with the orange.

I blended the orange out with Naked from the Naked palette.

I blended out Naked with Low Profile from Benefit, and added Blanc Type as a brow highlight.

I took the darkes colour from the Revlon trio and placed that in the outer corner, blendine into the crease and out in a sharp V. Also under the lower lashline.

I then lined my upper lashline with Gosh Black Ink and set it with Creep from the Naked palette. I also lined my waterline. At this stage I filled in my brows with Buck and Naked as usual.

Loreal Volume Millions mascara (which I threw out today, its time had come) and Voila!

I went to sallys and got myself some crazy extensions! They are amazing quality and come in strange strips, but Ill do a separate post on them later. I was goofing around with them this evening and realised that theyre half a shade too dark... I'll just go abit darker the next time Im getting my hair done but Im sickened because the lady in Sally's said that these were an exact match for my hair. hmmm...

Obviously they need to be cut and should be worn wavy, but I just felt so Miley-ish with them haha!
I was pleased to see that Penney's (Primark) had some decent stuff in!
Much Love and Miley-ness xxx

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Bathroom Essentials & Cleanser Review

I just want to show you what amazingly cheap things I picked up today. The miserable weather is back and I wanted to cheer myself up, even though I'm going shopping tomorrow anyway.. Oh well. I left the price tags on the products just so you could see how cheapo they were.
Nivea Young Clean Deeper Cleanser Scrub & Garnier Fresh Essentials Toner.

I've gone back yet again for this cleanser, I realise I cant live without it. I've been using another Nivea cleanser for the past couple of weeks and I just cant take it anymore. I'll talk more about that at the end of this post. I also just ran out of my Kaeso toner and its not very accessible so I picked this one out at completely random, but also because its reduced price :P Ill let you know what I think. Have you tried this toner? Any feedback?

Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Shampoo & Conditioner.

I nearly out of my beloved JOICO Reconstructing Shapoo, and it'll be a while before I can afford it again so I decided to test these two out in the meantime. Charles Worthington is good-ish right? And as you can see from the massive stickers, they were the price of a bar of chocolate. Again, I'll let you know how these compare :)

I saw this body scrub all alone on the shelf and with such cute packaging, how could I just leave him there all by himself? And the little Revlon eyeshadow trio thing was at the checkout, I hate when they do that! Sorry about all the flashes, but the shimmer shows really nicely with it. I was mainly drawn to the burnt orange colour in the middle. Ill do a look with that tmorrow :)

I found a new candle! This is the only item in this post not at reduced price, it's the Green Tea candle from Bomb Cosmetics. I love it! I started burning it the minute I got home and got the photo. I dont like green tea, but the smell of this is just that perfect balance of fragrance and freshness that I've been hunting for. Success. Hahah.

Now onto this mini - review, I got this cleanser about a month ago when I ran out of my usual one and they didnt have it in the shop. Its the Nivea Visage Gentle Cleansing Cream Wash, so I just grabbed it and figured since it was Nivea, it would be grand. I should've read the back of it. But even that wouldnt have prepared me for how useless this product is.

I expected so much more of this, the product does do what it says on the bottle, but I didnt think quite s literally. It doesnt claim to remove make-up (im sorry but what's the point of having a cleanser that doesnt remove make-up?) , just DIRT. Also it says not to use around the eyes (I have a habit using my cleanser to remove my eye make-up) and its claim is to: "gently purifies and smoothes for a soft-skin feeling." Which is what it does, it feels like your washing your face with moisturiser. I kept having to take my make-up off with a baby wipe and then cleanse with this, but my skin didnt feel anywhere near clean until after 3 washes. This would be good if you had super dry skin, and never wore make-up. But for anyone else, I dont know. I shouldve read the label before buying. What a disappointment.

Anywhoo, there will be another look tomorrow and hopefully some hair stuff since Im going shopping for extensions! Excitement! xxx Love

Monday, 28 March 2011

It's oh so quiet...

I'd like to apologise for the post drought of recent days, I've been quite busy with work and sleeping haha. And it was my 20th birthday yesterday and I wanted to have a technology free day (almost). I've actually been filming a couple of tutorials, just kind of test runs, to sort out lighting etc, its so much work! I have nothing worth showing as of yet, but hopefully will soon :) If you have any particular look you'd like to see me attempt to recreate, let me know because Im kind of stuck for ideas..! I am having a sort of girl crush on Ellie Goulding at the minute, but she barely wears make-up, so would that be kind of pointless? So yeah, just thought I'd do a little update post :) Hope everyone had a great weekend x Love xx

Friday, 25 March 2011

Kandee, Yankee Candles and Other People's Rules

Evening Lovelies, after a long day at work I really couldnt be bothered with another make-up post, but theres a few things I want to share so jst be warned: this post is going to be quite random.
I got a couple of things from Yankee Candle the last day, my current obsession being scented candles, Im searching for my perfect scent. I have Fresh Cut Roses already, but I think it may be too grannyish. I got this Christmas Cookie housewarmer candle because, being out of season, it was on sale. (I apologise for not using my own fantastically photographed (not) photos, but I've already torn the labels off the little ones and burned a little bit of all of them)

I only burned it for about ten minutes so the scent didnt reach its full potential butthe scent of the candle wax is that of overwhelming vanilla and butter. Or sugar. It smells the way cookie dough tastes. Kind of sickening really. I burn this when I have a sweet craving because it puts you off it haha. Doens't make me feel christmasy at all.
Next I got a sampler of 'Sandalwood' which I presume smells like the title, which isn't that pleasant when you smell the candle, but when its lit, the aroma is really quite nice around the room. Considering getting the full size one.

And last I picked up Clean Cotton, which is a gorgeous fresh scent, it smells like freshly washed bedsheets and spring cleaning. Also considering getting full size.

I laughed when I saw this Ketchup in our kitchen, I mean what are the chances of a Ketchup having the same name as the lovely Ms Johnston?

I finished the book I was reading, Other People's Rules by Julia Hamilton, and I really liked it! Think 'Gossip Girl', but posher, richer and more sinister. Great read.
And this is what my beauty station looks like after Im finished with one of my make-up looks... Such a mess...

Have you any favourite candles? Any book recommendations? Anything funny in your kitchen? haha! Love xxx

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Bold Red Liner - Make Blue Eyes Pop!

Hello Ladies! Is everyone else getting this amazing weather? I feel guilty sitting inside uploading pictures, but I'll make this as fast as I can :). So apparently super bright colours are "in" for spring and summer, yellows, oranges and reds. I personally have a little phobia of wearing pink and reds around the eye area because it can so easily look like you have an infection, but wearing red like this is actually one of my favourite looks I've ever done! And its super simple. Enjoy!

The first thing I did was prime my lid with UDPP and fill in my brows with UD Buck and Naked.

I then took my angled brush and picked up a cool red from a nameless 88 eyeshadow palette. Red is one of those colours that some people have a sensitivity to, so make sure whatever colour you choose is safe around the eye area. Red is great on every eye colour, but if you feel like it really doesnt suit you, you can do this with any other vibrant colour :)

I then took some Buck from the Naked palette and placed that in the crease for some dimension and blended it out with Naked. I also used Benefit Low Profile to blend further.

I used Blanc Type from Mac on my moving lid (I didnt really know what I was doing so the order of placing tyhe shadows is a bit funky :P) and in the inner corner. Virgin from Naked palette as brow highlight.

I took Creep (UDNP)and put it as close to my lashline as possible, just to thicken up the lashline a little bit.

I used a white kohl on the waterline, but you can use black if you prefer. Here's how they look. I chose white because I wanted the red to be the centre of focus and drama and felt that a black rim would take away from it.

Some mascara (Loreal Volume Millions) and ta-da!

On the face I used:
-Bourjoix Healthy Mix Foundation
-Gosh Touch Up! Concealer
-Dermosil Highlighter (under eyes)
-Gosh Bronzer (02 Natural Glow)
- Shell Creme Colour Base from Mac
On the lips I used Gosh Lipstick in 134 Darling (fleshy nude).

I hope you like the look, Im away to go enjoy the sunshine! Much Love! Xxx

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Purple Pin Up Smokey Eye - a la Katy Perry

I got bored, so here is the how-to for the Katy Perry inspired look (see previous post) :)

UDPP all over lid and for eyebrows I used Brown Down (Mac) and Naked (Urban Decay)

I applied a pearly shimmer colour (this ones a GOSH single eyeshadow, but dont know the name of it. Any light shimmer colour would do) over the moving lid and in the inner corner.

I used an aubergine shade from my TIGI Bed Head 4play quad in Easy-Going in the crease, not a cut crease, but not far off.

I added a hint of pink through the aubergine and used Blanc Type from Mac for my highlight just under the brow.

I took the aubergine under my lashline and deepened it up with GOSH Velvet Eyes Liner in Purple Stain. I also applied a white liner on my waterline.

I layered on AVON Supershock Mascara and Loreal Millions because I coldnt be bothered with fake lashes, but if I were to really go for an authentic Katy look, lashes are a must :)
On the lips I wore OCC Lip Tar in Anime, which on closer observation may be a little too pink even for Katy. She does a softer hot - pink mouth, but oh well.

I hope this was useful to some of you! Much Love xx

Beauty Inspiration: Katy Perry

Hey Girls, hope everyones doing well! I figured it was time to do another Beauty Inspo, and since I mentioned Katy yesterday, I thought why not do it on her? She is amazing in my eyes because we know (thanks to Russel Brand and Twitter) that underneath the make-up shes fairly ordinary and doesnt have a top lip but she wears make-up beautifully and she's got the most enormous eyes and shes funny. What's not to love? Enjoy x

Here's my inspired look, a purple smokey eye with thick liner and first with nude lips and then with hot pink :) I didnt make a 100% effort and stick on lashes (which Katy ALWAYS does) but whatever... The nude colour is OCC Lip Tar in Hush

And the hot pink is Anime :)

If you want me to post the tutorial for this look, please just ask, I'm just too lazy to do it all in the one go haha. Much Love and girl perving xx