Thursday, 17 February 2011

Space Age NOTD & Dora Mohawk!

Hey everyone, hope youre all having a good week so far, the weekend is nearly here! I just wanted to show you a nail colour I picked up in my local chemist for half price! It's GOSH Holographic, I barely looked at the colour in the shop (speed shopping haha)at first glance it just looks like a dirty silver. But when I swatched it on my nail (needs at least 2 coats) all the clours of the rainbow were glimmering back at me! When there is no light reflecting off the colour, it looks like a steel blue/ silver and it just makes me think of GaGa and robots and space age coolness lol.

And here's Pandora with her cool mohawk, but somehow I don't think she was too impressed....

Have a great weekend and Much Love xx

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