Friday, 25 February 2011

Showertime Favourites

Hey girls, its friday again! I had a crazy day at work, and I want to do nothing but have a long hot shower and watch some tv... Which is why I thought I'd show you my fave shower gels/creams/jellys. I recently noticed that I have accumulated quite a few, I just cant seem to resist buying shower goodies that look/smell good, and i like having variety.

Radox Shower Smoothies in Natural Balance and Soul Soother.
These were on sale in my local chemist for 1.65, and they are so luxourious (for the price) I had to pick them up. Both yummy. The only thing is, I use a LOT of product and these seem to empty out pretty quick. But they're gorgeous.

Planet Spa african shea butter Brown Sugar Scrub
Fave exfoliant at the minute. Delicious shea butter scent and nice rough particles and there's enough of them. Love.

Unknown brand Blueberry Smoothie bubble bath/shower cream (from Heatons)
This was supercheap, I think €3, and the product has that cheap shower gel texture (you know what I mean) but the scent is delicious. I like to use this as my first "wash" and then follow with another shower gel, I dunno, I probably jus bought this coz of the packaging :P

Lush Whoosh Shower Jelly and Snow Fairy Shower Gel
From my little Lush Haul back in September, I've been hanging on to these with nails and teeth! They told me that Snow Fairy was only going to be available until Christmas but I saw it on one of their websites, so it could still be available? It smells so goos (as does everything from Lush) but I think if you have any sort of sweet tooth, you will love this.

As you can see, Snow Fairy has had a little bit more love than Whoosh, but I've been using Whoosh alot lately and it's not going anywhere!

It smells yummy and citrusy, and I love that its blue! It lathers when the water hits it, I adore it. The reason why mine kinda looks like mince is because I used to take the whole thing out for showering but one night I dropped it and it went SMACK flat and I franctically collected what I could before the shower washed it down :S Now I break it into little pieces (which is probably why it's lasting so well).

What are your favourite shower goodies? Love xxx

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  1. I love lush shower jellies...however, i spend to much time trying to keep hold of the little buggers and end up dropping the pieces so ive gone back to plain old shower gels for the moment hehe xxx


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