Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Hey everyone, apologies for the recent lack of posts, I've been very busy (and a little uninspired to be honest) and just havent felt like posting.. But Im back now and I have yet ANOTHER nails of the day (yawn) for you. But I got a little gem wheel on ebay and I wanted to play around a little. This is Must-Have by Essence (dark shimmery grey) with 2 coats of W7 Lavender Pearl on top.

Here's my rhinestone wheel, we shall be having loads and loads of fun with this! :) Other things that I'll be doing posts on in the near future is the Urban Decay Naked Palette (eeep!) which my lovely considerate gorgeous boyfriend bpught for me on Ebay but that hasnt arrived just yet, and a set of "Bobbi Brown" brushes that I ordered for £35..? We'll see if I get authentic brushes (doubtful, seeing as there's 19 brushes in the set).

But yeah anywhoo, sorry again about the lack of posts, I solemly swear to try and be more a more active blogger! Love xxxx


  1. I love your NOTD posts! And I love the fact that you feature brands like Essence and W7, you know, brands that are easily available (in Ireland anyway), and that I have many of too! Lol

  2. I just realised I pretty much use ALL W7 and essence dont I? lol. Glad you enjoy them! x


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