Friday, 18 February 2011

Mini W7 Haul & NOTD

Hi Y'all, yay its friday! I start in a new salon tomorrow, and im trying to keep myself occupied so I don't get nervous! So excited! Anyway, I was shopping with my mother in law today and just couldn't stop myself wandering into my beloved chemist, and I noticed they had elected a huge W7 nail varnish stand with some colours I had never seen before. And at €1.49, they're hard to resist to say the least. Im in love with plum and lavender shades at the minute but I thought I better stock up for the spring and summer brights as well :)
Here's the colours L-R; Purple Dazzle (deep purple glitter), Lavender Pearl (sheer lavender with pink shimmer) and Fluorecent Pink 2 (luminous hot pink, matte)

Here's Fluorecent Pink, which to me looks awful orange in the photo, I should've waited til Sunday to take these pics in daylight, but take my word for it, this is BRIGHT.

On my index finger is 2 coats of Lavender Pearl on its own with no coloured base, next is the same colour but on top of Essence No More Drama. This is a very sheer colour, which looks amazing in the bottle, but you need a base colour for. Unless you wanted to do a lavender french mani..?

On my ring and baby finger I have Purple Dazzle, on my baby finger 3 coats on its own with no base and ring finger has a matt top coat. I prefer without the matte coat, if it's got sparkle, let it sparkle!

Love xxx

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