Monday, 14 February 2011

Mini Dollydagger "Haul" & Alfaparf Course

Hey Girlies! Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! My stuff from finally arrived today and Im so excited!

This is what I got for my friend's birthday that's on next weekend, a glitter gun and hello kitty lip balm! (I got one for myself too). We agreed not to spend more than a tenner on presents, so before you think what crappy presents, this is why hahah. Im celebrating mine about a month early because I know I'll not make the effort to do anything on my real birthday so I may as well get the celebrations over and done with while everyones here!

This is the little make-up bag that all the items came in, par the gun, and I didnt order it, so it must have been a free gift, but either way how cool is that? Im loving everything thats granny-chic at the minute, so this is perfect :)

Ans this is the Orange Foot File! How cool is that?! I dont need to explain myself for getting this haha.

An ice-cream nail file... Why not?

And last but not least, I fell in love with this little bow-shaped ring (which looks alot bigger on the website but thats okay), theres loads of colours available and its size-adjustable so it will fit any finger :) I thought it was very Kandee Johnson-esque.

Oh and I wanted to show off my Alfaparf Step One cert that I got today, I'm so excited..!!

Hope everyone had alovely weekend, and roll on Paddy's Day!

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  1. you're very welcome <3
    Yeah i know, i want all the MAC paint pots haha :D

    Xoxo Christine


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