Friday, 28 January 2011

Z-Palette & OCC Lip Tar

Hello Girlies! Im so excited, I finally got my Z Palette! Ive wanted to get one since like November and I finally had enough money in my bank account to spare for this little treat! Yay! Im sure you all have heard of ZPalettes at one stage or another, but its basically a blank make-up palette with a magnetic base so you can place any depotted metallic pan (eyeshadow, blush, anything!) or a refill onto it and not worry about it not fitting! So you can carry all your favourite colours around in the one plae and not have to worry about them breaking! The palettes come in 4 colours and 2 different sizes, so theres plenty of choice. AND they only cost about £15!

I got mine on but if you go on the official site ( they give you listings of sites that sell them according to where you live.
As I was browsing the site, I saw that they also sell the famous Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars. Ive been looking for the perfect nude lip colour, and I ordered HUSH, which looked in the picture to be the perfectly balanced nude colour (not too pink, not too peachy).

Ive only tried it on my hand and a little bit on my lips (without any other makeup on) and i dont like the shade on me so far AT ALL. Now my opinion might change when i try it on with a full face of make up but just this morning i thought it was WAY too warm or something. So a little disappointed, but that's my own fault I guess :/ But the pigmentation and staying power are just as amazing as you'd expect. So maybe just get a different colour next time :). Well, I guess thats all from me, Lots of Love xxx

UPDATE; 4 hours later, I did my make-up and HUSH is in fact a gorgeous colour. I ake back my first impression :) xxx

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  1. Hush is a pretty color! I suggest with OCC lip tars to only apply a little bit because a little really does go a long way! I like to also apply the OCC lip tar and then remove it so it leaves a sublte stain - great for everyday wear :) I just did some swatches of other ones, thought you might like to add these to your stash too - in Paegent, Strutter and Stalker. Paegent is hot pink and strutter and stalker are classic reds! Great blog! Love, Roseanne


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