Thursday, 6 January 2011

January Nails & First Taste of MAC

Hello Lovelies! So I made it to Finland, in all of its -30 degree glory. I finally got the chance to get to a MAC store (at the airport) and for once I had a bit of money saved so I could FINALLY actually BUY something there. After much deliberation and boyfriend-annoying later, I walked away with my first 3 MAC eyeshadows.

I chose colours that I was running low on, so I got a matte highlight colour; Blanc Type, a warm deep brown for eyebrows; Brown Down and a pretty shimmery colour, Naked Lunch. I probably sound like a total loser, getting so excited over a couple of eyeshadows, but this signifies a greater achievement for me, after being so broke for so long. And yes, there are smarter things I could have spent my money on, but I wanted these, so yeah. Woo!

And here´s simple gray nails for January :) Hope everyone´s doing well! Love xxx


  1. I dunno any girl that doesn't get excited at the prospect of MAC. I'm sure there are haha but I'm with you on this and the colours that you picked are both lovely and versatile.
    I love the MAC in the airport not only cuz it's cheaper but I get to shop in peace! I've pondered going on holidays purely to go to MAC o.O lol now that's loser for ya!

  2. love Blanc Type, it's great for when you want to have minimal eye shadow, like if you just want to put emphasis on a thick black liner on the eye <3


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