Thursday, 20 January 2011

First Impressions: L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara

I'm back! It was so good to see mum, my brothers and their crazy dogs again :) I had a little bit of money left over and on the plane on the way back, they were offering 2 L'Oreal Volume Million Mascaras and a Kohl Liner for €20!
I've been using Maybelline Volume Express for AGES because I just love it but I noticed that it crumbles off your lashes after a day at work, so I've slowly started eyeing up other mascaras. The AVON mascaras are nice, but I probably wouldnt go and buy them. Im looking for a mascara that I cant live without. Unfortunately the Volume Million Lashes isn't that mascara.

I don't regret buying it, but I don't think I would again. Of course mascaras change once theyve dried up a little bit so I might still change my mind. My lashes are short and thin but I have a lot of them. This mascara makes them super dark and defined-ish, but it doesnt lenghten or add much volume. When I try to build up volume, my lashes start to clump together and it looks like I have "spider-lashes". I've only tried this twice now and slept in it once so I can say that it does last! But as I said I might still change my mind once I've used this for a while.

As for the eyeliner, I think its pretty average. Medium-softness, decent colour pay-off, difficult to blend. When applied to the water-line, its more like a dark grey than black. However this liner is super easy to use when lining the upper lid, siply because the colour isnt so strong, it doesnt matter if you mess up abit. The picture shows the L'Oreal Kohl in the right hand side, next to my AVON Supershock gel liner whick is THE best eyeliner ive ever tried. So I wouldnt go out and buy The L'Oreal Kohl but seeing as it was free, its great :) .

Another thing about the mascara! I used to love the L'Oreal Telescopic mascara, but what put me off their mascaras was the wand broke on me! It's really weak at the part where the wand ends and the bristle part starts. Now I may have shoved the wand back in the tube too hard a few times but no other mascara I've owned ever broke from that! And I can tell with the Volume Million Lashes the wand is weak at the same point again, which is very annoying. Rant over.

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