Saturday, 29 January 2011

Black Swan

So this is how I spend my Saturday afternoons... :)

Products used:
- GOSH X-ceptional Wear Foundation in Porcelain
- Rimmel Hide the Blemish Concealer in Ivory
- Rimmel Clear Complexion Translucent Powder
- MUA shade 17 (contouring)

- Loreal Contour Kohl in Jet Black
- AVON Supershock Gel Liner in Black
- AVON supershock Gel Liner in Silver
- W7 eyeshadow in matte black
- 88 Matte Palette shadow in Red (waterline)
- Loreal Volume Million Lash Mascara in Black
- Funky Eyes Contact Lenses in Avatar

- Tigi Bed Head Big Fat Fun lipliner in Black Cherry
- Benefit Lipstick in No Competition
- Avon Supershock GelLiner in Black

Friday, 28 January 2011

Z-Palette & OCC Lip Tar

Hello Girlies! Im so excited, I finally got my Z Palette! Ive wanted to get one since like November and I finally had enough money in my bank account to spare for this little treat! Yay! Im sure you all have heard of ZPalettes at one stage or another, but its basically a blank make-up palette with a magnetic base so you can place any depotted metallic pan (eyeshadow, blush, anything!) or a refill onto it and not worry about it not fitting! So you can carry all your favourite colours around in the one plae and not have to worry about them breaking! The palettes come in 4 colours and 2 different sizes, so theres plenty of choice. AND they only cost about £15!

I got mine on but if you go on the official site ( they give you listings of sites that sell them according to where you live.
As I was browsing the site, I saw that they also sell the famous Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars. Ive been looking for the perfect nude lip colour, and I ordered HUSH, which looked in the picture to be the perfectly balanced nude colour (not too pink, not too peachy).

Ive only tried it on my hand and a little bit on my lips (without any other makeup on) and i dont like the shade on me so far AT ALL. Now my opinion might change when i try it on with a full face of make up but just this morning i thought it was WAY too warm or something. So a little disappointed, but that's my own fault I guess :/ But the pigmentation and staying power are just as amazing as you'd expect. So maybe just get a different colour next time :). Well, I guess thats all from me, Lots of Love xxx

UPDATE; 4 hours later, I did my make-up and HUSH is in fact a gorgeous colour. I ake back my first impression :) xxx

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Dora the Explorer

Pandora having a nap.. Oh the excitement!




..seeing me wasn't exciting enough for princepan (nickname, dont ask haha) so she fell back asleep. the cheek.

Saturday, 22 January 2011


Nails of the Day! I'm making the most of dark nails while its still wintery, and i love these royal blue nails, they almost have a velvety look to them. I used AVON Nailwear Pro in Splendid Blue and Essence Matt Top Coat to create the velvet effect.

Also here's a "sneak peek" at what my spring nails will look like! Brights are in again this year, yay! When exactly does spring start ? And does anybody know where I can get an acid green varnish (thats pretty)? The colour below is Essence 67 Just Shout! and it looks so much prettier and brighter in real life. Trust me xxx

New Perfumes!

You might remember a while back I did a post on recent perfumes that I'd used up and had resorted to stealing my boyfriend's Paco Rabanne 1 Million... I can't remeber if I mentioned that I never really buy myself perfume I always get given it and that prediction came true!

First, I got the Herve Leger fragrance (do you call it fragrance or perfume?) with my AVON prize (<3) which I adore. describes it as follows; a woody floral with notes of magnolia, pink grapefruit, orange blossom, honeywood, benzoin, cypress wood and vanilla." Personally, I just think it smells very feminine and quite grown up :)

Second, my mum gave me the other end of her Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy. Initially I didnt like it, I thought it was too bitter, but once it's developed, it's gorgeus. says: Epitomizing the Carolina Herrera woman, this seductive blend of captivating tangerine, bergamot, and rose pepper sprinkled with floral petals, gardenia, and hints of cotton candy warmed with musk - is sure to seduce from the very first encounter.

Tangerine, Bergamot, Rose Pepper, Floral Petals, Gardenia, Cotton Candy, Sandalwood, 212 Musk, Vanilla.
Warm. Seductive. Captivating.

And last but certainly not least, my current favourite Chloe au de Parfum by Chloe. Perfect daytime scent, suits everyone and because its an au de parfum, it leaves that cloud of perfume trailing behind you (depending of course on how much you spray). says; The amber floral by Michel Almairac and Amandine Marie at Robertet is meant to embody the classic modern scent. It features a bouquet of powdered florals composed of peony, lychée and freesia. Notes of rose, magnolia and lily of the valley make up the heart over an amber and cedar wood base." Gorgeous.

So that's me kitted out for another lovely smelling year. Im also in love with the home fragrance oils from The Body Shop. Since I quit smoking I've become obsessed with things smelling nice, and my room is no exception. Love xxx

Beauty Inspiration: Leighton Meester/Blair Waldorf

Hi girls, so since I got back from my holiday, I've been obsessively catching up on the episodes of Gossip Girl that I missed (Sky+ is the best invetion EVER) and I love love love Blair Waldorf's (Leighton Meester) style. I've re-created her signature make-up look here for you with my own blue eyes and also with my black contacts (closest thing I have to Leighton's deep brown). Let me know what you think!

With blue eyes..^^^
And scary black ones..

I hope that didn't freak you out too much and have a great time whatever you decide to do this weekend! :) xxx

Thursday, 20 January 2011

First Impressions: L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara

I'm back! It was so good to see mum, my brothers and their crazy dogs again :) I had a little bit of money left over and on the plane on the way back, they were offering 2 L'Oreal Volume Million Mascaras and a Kohl Liner for €20!
I've been using Maybelline Volume Express for AGES because I just love it but I noticed that it crumbles off your lashes after a day at work, so I've slowly started eyeing up other mascaras. The AVON mascaras are nice, but I probably wouldnt go and buy them. Im looking for a mascara that I cant live without. Unfortunately the Volume Million Lashes isn't that mascara.

I don't regret buying it, but I don't think I would again. Of course mascaras change once theyve dried up a little bit so I might still change my mind. My lashes are short and thin but I have a lot of them. This mascara makes them super dark and defined-ish, but it doesnt lenghten or add much volume. When I try to build up volume, my lashes start to clump together and it looks like I have "spider-lashes". I've only tried this twice now and slept in it once so I can say that it does last! But as I said I might still change my mind once I've used this for a while.

As for the eyeliner, I think its pretty average. Medium-softness, decent colour pay-off, difficult to blend. When applied to the water-line, its more like a dark grey than black. However this liner is super easy to use when lining the upper lid, siply because the colour isnt so strong, it doesnt matter if you mess up abit. The picture shows the L'Oreal Kohl in the right hand side, next to my AVON Supershock gel liner whick is THE best eyeliner ive ever tried. So I wouldnt go out and buy The L'Oreal Kohl but seeing as it was free, its great :) .

Another thing about the mascara! I used to love the L'Oreal Telescopic mascara, but what put me off their mascaras was the wand broke on me! It's really weak at the part where the wand ends and the bristle part starts. Now I may have shoved the wand back in the tube too hard a few times but no other mascara I've owned ever broke from that! And I can tell with the Volume Million Lashes the wand is weak at the same point again, which is very annoying. Rant over.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

January Nails & First Taste of MAC

Hello Lovelies! So I made it to Finland, in all of its -30 degree glory. I finally got the chance to get to a MAC store (at the airport) and for once I had a bit of money saved so I could FINALLY actually BUY something there. After much deliberation and boyfriend-annoying later, I walked away with my first 3 MAC eyeshadows.

I chose colours that I was running low on, so I got a matte highlight colour; Blanc Type, a warm deep brown for eyebrows; Brown Down and a pretty shimmery colour, Naked Lunch. I probably sound like a total loser, getting so excited over a couple of eyeshadows, but this signifies a greater achievement for me, after being so broke for so long. And yes, there are smarter things I could have spent my money on, but I wanted these, so yeah. Woo!

And here´s simple gray nails for January :) Hope everyone´s doing well! Love xxx

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Finally Away..!

Leaving for Finland tomorrow, I can't wait! So apologies for the recent lack of decent posts, and just warning you that there probably wont be too many in the next 2 weeks or so. But I solemnly swear to be a better blogger in the new year when I return to the real world :) Off to brace the -24°C weather! love xxx